Turkish defense industry is targeted with open or secret embargoes

The Defense Industry Executive Committee convened under the chairmanship of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The statement made by the Directorate of Communications regarding the meeting was as follows:

* At the meeting held at the Presidential Complex, issues related to adding new ones to the domestic and national systems used by the TAF and security units were discussed. In this context, various projects related to communication and information systems, ammunition and missiles, various platforms, modernizations and new technologies were decided.

* Emphasizing that the Turkish defense industry is targeted with overt or covert embargoes, the meeting highlighted the importance of stronger and more systematic work, inter-institutional coordination and cost-effective management under President Erdogan’s leadership.

“Turkey will continue to move forward with firm steps towards the goal of a fully independent defense industry with its determination in the design, development and production of domestic and national systems and technologies,” the statement said.

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