Most Important Features for Safety and Security That Dash Cams Offer

Investing in a dash cam provides incredible benefits to the drivers and passengers. They are designed to protect from road hazards. Today, dash cams have emerged as a must-have accessory for every vehicle. A dash cam will also alert drivers when they need protection or pull over.

Dash cams offer more than just security. They allow you to capture memories and revive them later. Below, we have mentioned the safety and security features of this option that you must know:

●      Accident Alert System

Who doesn’t want to know about an impending critical situation? Everyone wants to know if there’s going to be a sudden calamity or not. Especially when you’re driving on the road, you have to look everywhere. You have to stay focused and maintain distance from other cars.

Yet the chances of a severe car accident happening are very high. So when you set up a dash cam, it will alert you about a series of accidents around. And it will also inform you about your kids being in a tough situation when you’re not around them.

●      ADAS Feature

ADAS, also known as an advanced driver assistance system, combines safety features that can prevent even a single mistake from causing an accident. For instance, lane departure is an advanced feature of the dash cam. Whether you’re a long-distance driver or getting distracted during rush hours, the dash cam will protect you from bumping into another vehicle.

Forward collision warning is yet another feature that has won massive acclaim from drivers across the globe. shop for dual dash cams at Autobarn to find the best option online. Dual dash cams are good for recording videos of the road and of the back side of the car.

●      Parking Mode

If your dash cam is connected with a power source in the car while parked, it will continue to record. A charged dash cam will record everything, even if the engine is off. Luckily, hardwiring consumes a small fraction of the vehicle’s battery. Not enough to drain the battery of your car.

Once the parking mode is activated, the dash cam will automatically start recording everything. It will even notify the registered user of this accessory if somebody has broken into the car. Or if the car is stolen, your phone will be instantly alarmed.

●      Cloud Storage and Incident Reports

A unique selling point of the dash cam is its feature of cloud storage. Plus, the built-in WIFI system allows it to connect to the internet. This means you can even catch live updates of your car when you’re not around. This means you will instantly be able to record, edit and share footage online.

You don’t have to worry about losing footage. Especially if somebody is trying to get away with hit and run, this feature will provide the necessary results. Once the videos are automatically stored, anyone can be caught later. Cloud storage has enabled drivers to keep a track of their journeys without much effort.

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