Is It Safe To Vape THC In Comparison To Smoking It?

There are a variety of ways in which people consume cannabis. These include edibles such as gummies, CBD Oil, vaporizers, etc. Over the last few years, people, especially the youth, have preferred vaping CBD. However, there is widespread confusion regarding the safety of these vaporizers. To add to the fire, the FDA in the year 2019 warned against using vaporizers containing THC. Why? Because according to the FDA, these products contain substances that are harmful to the lungs.

As there is a wide variety of THC products available in the market, we understand that you might be confused about selecting the right THC vape pen. Don’t worry because we have got you covered with this article! You might also want to learn everything you can about THC vaporizers.

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Is Vaping A Safer Choice Over Smoking?

Whether you smoke tobacco or THC leaves, it will always be harmful to your health. It is because while smoking, people inhale extremely hot particles of debris. This debris chafes the vulnerable tissues in their lungs and damages the organs. The burning tobacco leaves can even induce some chemical reactions. Consequently, you are at the risk of inhaling toxic compounds. Some of these compounds are even cancerous. On the other hand, while vaping THC, nothing is burnt. In place of that, vaporizers heat the THC particles only to the point where they can create an aerosol. However, the marijuana leaves don’t combust completely. The aerosol produced by vaporizers feels much smoother to the lungs than the harsh smoke produced by cigarettes.

What Are The Benefits Of Vaping?

Apart from being a safer option for your health, using a vaporizer to consume cannabis instead of smoking offers several benefits to the users. We have summarized some of these benefits below:-

●      Effortless to use:

Using vaporizers doesn’t produce any ash like smoking. Moreover, you only need to keep your vaporizer charged and loaded. Thus, this process is less messy and easier than lighting a cigarette and disposing of its ash.

●      Wastes less cannabis:

As the cannabis leaves are only heated while vaping, vaporizers use a lesser amount of the compound. Moreover, these doses are more potent, and thus, people only need to inhale a small amount from the vaporizer.

●      Less expensive:

The cost of investing in a vaporizer can be costly. However, your THC product will last much longer while vaping because its leaves don’t get combusted. On the other hand, you need to buy cigarettes frequently.

●      Less amount of smell:

Several people can’t tolerate the potent and earthy aroma of cannabis leaves. As no leaves get burnt while vaping THC (unlike smoking), the odor produced by vaporizers is minimal.

●      No secondhand smoke:

Using a vaporizer reduces the risk of people in your vicinity getting exposed to carcinogens. Thus, vaping minimizes the risk of passive smoking.

●      Cleaner hit:

Using vaporizers offers you a more potent and pure hit than smoking cigarettes. Moreover, vaping also produces less toxins than smoking and thus, doesn’t deteriorate the quality of the THC leaves.

●      Accessible and permissible in more places:

We all know that smoking is banned in public places like parks, theatres, roads, etc. On the other hand, you can use a vaporizer outside the confines of your home if you want to. Thus, vaporizers are more accessible than cigarettes.

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Can You Vape Cannabis?

When you smoke a traditional cigarette, it burns leaves and makes smoke. On the other hand, THC vaporizers heat a substance until it vaporizes using small metal coils and batteries. However, all vaporizers don’t work in the same way. There are three most popular formats in which you can use THC vaporizers. These include wax, herb, and oil.

Herb Vaporizers

Herb vaporizers contain dried cannabis flower leaves in a chamber. When you heat this device, the active therapeutic compounds in the cannabis transform into a concentrated vapor.

You should heat cannabis at the correct temperature to avoid its unnecessary burning. This way, you can control the density of vapor and flavor you inhale. It also prevents you from inhaling any tar or carcinogens while using a pipe or other combusted forms of the herb. Nowadays, several herb vaporizers in the market come with temperature settings that you can change as per your needs.

Oil Pens

Instead of the dry herb, you can add an oil concentrate extracted from the cannabis plant while using oil pens. When cannabis oil gets derived from the plant, it is mixed with carrier oils like hemp oil. Consequently, vaporized oil has a potency lower than wax and higher than vaporized herbs.

Most first-time users prefer oil pens because they find these products clean and easy to use. There are two types of oil pens. First are the single-use ones you throw when the oil is exhausted. Another variety is the reusable ones that come with cartridge attachments containing cannabis strains and flavors. You can use just one oil cartridge for several weeks.

Wax Pens

When a cannabis plant possesses a high content of active compounds, a semi-solid wax can be derived from it. This wax is not mixed with carrier oils and thus has a higher potency than cannabis herbs or oil. Wax vaporizers consist of three primary parts. These are the battery, the mouthpiece, and the atomizer.

Even though cannabis wax is somewhat expensive and requires frequent reloading, it gets preferred by several users due to its high potency. You can purchase the wax separately and add it to the atomizer. The atomizer heats the product using a coil and vaporizes it.

Even though vaping THC is a safer alternative to smoking, more research is needed to know the risks that vaporizers might pose to our health. Additionally, research is still going on to analyze the benefits and risks of using THC, a constituent of marijuana. Till then, you can try and quit smoking and shift to vaping. It will minimize the risk to your lungs, and you can consume THC in a cleaner and smoother way. But firstly, you need to research the best vaporizer for yourself and THC products that suit your needs. Happy vaping!

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