Everything You Need To Know About Game Design Courses

The specialized multi-faceted discipline, Game Design, is a subset of wider field of video game development and employs creativity to conceptualize, conceive & design game architecture either for experimentation or for entertainment or exercise or for educational purposes. Basis research, evaluation and analysis of the target audience, understanding their preferences, psychology, habits & tastes, socio-cultural & market trends, technology and client requirements etc., Game Designers build captivating storyline & plots, design challenges, puzzles, develop characters by giving them personality, define rules, user interface, designing sound effects and VFX etc. Furthermore, Game designers also make sure that the language used in game development should facilitate its presence on multiple platforms, easy maintenance & updation besides incorporation of evolving technologies like AI ML, Augmented reality etc. The main objective of game developer is to drive interactions, enhance consumer engagements and ensure revenue.


  • Minimum 50% marks in any discipline in class 12 is a must in order for a candidate to be eligible for applying for an entrance exam for a game designing course. In addition, the passing out school must be affiliated with recognised board.
  • The eligible candidates must secure a cut off rank in the entrance test so as to be able to move to next step of group discussion and personal interview round.
  • On clearing the 3 levels with the desired cut off, the students are allowed admission into the game design course of your choice.

Skill that are essential for Game Designing Course:

  • Gaming Passion
  • Visualization skills & complementing sketching skills to help in developing unique enthralling concepts
  • Eye for detail so as to develop a storyline, character etc. with apt nuances.
  • Knowledge of varied technologies, software, coding and gaming platforms along with understanding of graphics
  • Patience & diligence to ensure that simulated environment and characters mirror reality
  • Networking skills along with communication & Interpersonal skills to facilitate working with teams from multiple departments along with collaborating with numerous stakeholders
  • Organising capability to enable you to manage pressure, handle multiple projects, that too as per deadlines
  • Adaptive with problem solving skills


Game Design Courses

  • The curriculum must mentor students with comprehensive technical, theoretical, and business knowledge so as to facilitate students’ entry into gaming and communication design industry.
  • The course should offer capabilities to students so that they can apply the principles of design to a variety of communication challenges across diverse formats, media, and contexts
  • The college must ensure proficiencies in usage of software and varied technical tools like modeling with Zbrush and Autodesk 3dsMax Substance etc. in addition to utilization of game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine, 2D & 3D graphics, simulation, user interface design, storytelling and narrative architecture.
  • The college must ensure proper exposure for students through industry workshops, real live projects, internships & participation in competitions.
  • The college must ensure regular interaction with industry experts, which will help students in gaining insights about the latest in the industry.
  • The curriculum must offer competencies to students in research techniques so as to facilitate understanding of people, socio-cultural settings impacting their behaviour, their psyche etc. along with ways to utilize this understanding in formulating strategies for gaming concepts.

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