How Triathlon Affects Health and Where to Start Training

Today many people from big cities are involved in triathlons. Let’s understand how this sport affects the body and how to properly prepare the body for training.

What Is Triathlon

Triathlon is like a South Africa online casino, as it has a structure. There are two main varieties of triathlon: Olympic (the Olympic Games in Rio had this distance) and Ironman (competitions held by the World Triathlon Corporation – WTC).

If you’re just starting out in triathlon, the best choice for you is the sprint. You can prepare for it fairly quickly and see how interesting the sport is to you.

After successfully completing the sprint distance, move on to Ironman 70.3 (the numbers are the total number of miles covered: 70.3 for the “half, 140.6 for Ironman). The full Ironman distance is one of the most challenging one-day events in the world and is only suitable for experienced athletes.

Health Issues

Even if you’ve been exercising for a long time, get a fitness test before you work out: health problems can show up in completely unexpected places.

During the preparatory period, leave one day a week for recovery, and every six months take a month off from triathlon training. Don’t force the preparation, otherwise the last kilometers of even sprint-distance will turn into torment, and this is fraught with trauma and moral burnout, when after the race the athlete doesn’t want to even hear about triathlon anymore.

What Tests to Do Before Training

It’s important to assess your health before you start training. As a future triathlete, it’s a good idea to take a cardiac stress test, a cardiac stress test that helps identify abnormalities and make sure your sport isn’t harmful to your health.

It’s also necessary to check the blood pressure, take general and biochemical blood tests, check the condition of knee and ankle joints with an orthopedic traumatologist, consult a doctor in case of other specific complaints.

How to Prepare for Your First Triathlon

It’s better to start classes under the control of a coach: a competent specialist will help you achieve the best results, make a training plan, properly distribute the load and maintain health. Today there are many clubs, where trainers help future triathletes to achieve sports results.

It’s important to set adequate goals, and to increase the intensity of training gradually. It’s realistic to prepare for a small triathlon, such as a sprint, in a few months.

For “semi-Iron” and “iron” distances, on average, it takes from one to two years to prepare. That said, it’s good if you have a marathon or cycling background. Starting from scratch to prepare for a multi-hour triathlon can be tough, not only physically, but mentally. If the goal is to become an “ironman,” persistence and proper training are sure to yield results.

Remember that triathlon is a big community. Get to know other athletes in your club, socialize and do not hesitate to ask about moments that you don’t understand. This way you will be able to get involved in a new sport faster and get motivated.

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