What Food Causes Yellow Teeth?

If your teeth are discolored, your confidence will reduce to a greater extent as you might not be able to smile as you would want. In other words, if your teeth are yellow, you cannot go around smiling at anyone. However, if your teeth are white, smiling becomes a norm. Do you know that no one was born with discolored teeth? The primary and the permanent teeth are always white. However, our teeth tend to be discolored, and a new coloration is established because of our food. This aspect means that there are foods that cause yellowing of teeth among people.

If your teeth are still white, take a look at some of the food that causes yellow teeth so that you can avoid them at all costs.


Most people prefer drinking coffee in the morning to brighten their days. If this is your trend, you need to understand that taking coffee is not doing your teeth any favor. Coffee contains a chemical compound known as tannins that tend to discolor teeth if allowed to accumulate. Therefore, to prevent this coffee product from sticking to your teeth, ensure that you have brushed your teeth after taking a cup of coffee to be safe.

Red Wine

Drinks and acidic foods are not only destructive to your teeth but can also cause pores in your enamel that might discolor your teeth. In other words, the pores created by acidic foods allow the accumulation of tartar that might stain your teeth and cause them to develop a different color.

Black Tea

If you are not a coffee addict, you probably love drinking black tea. But if you do not want to change the coloration of your teeth, it is better to stop taking such beverages. The effect is linked to the fact that most of these beverages contain tannins that may discolor your teeth. However, if you want to avoid the effects of such beverages, add at least 2% of milk to your cup of black tea. Milk has casein, a protein product that neutralizes the effect of black tea in staining your teeth.


If you have ever visited a dentist for an oral health talk, I am sure you are not surprised to see soda being on the list of food and beverages that cause yellow teeth. Research studies have shown that sugary drinks such as soda, more so dark cola, stain one tooth and erode one`s enamel. The aspect is detrimental as it will cause your teeth to develop a yellow color underneath, and if you are not careful, it may damage your dentition.

Tomato Sauce

Most of us love taking pizzas, especially those made from tomato sauces that cause them to be a bit brighter and tastier. However, as you enjoy each bite of this delicious snack, you need to understand that most of the products used to make them are acidic, and they can damage your teeth or cause their color to change. Therefore, once you enjoy the delicacies in pizzas, remember to brush your teeth and avoid the accumulation of tartar and acidic compounds that can stain your teeth.

Bottom Line

Always avoid taking foods such as pizzas or beverages known to be acidic. If you fail to brush your teeth after taking such beverages or eating such foods, you will be risking your teeth.

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