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Unlocking Perfect Shower Base Wholesale with DAYA’s Premier Shower Tray Manufacturing Expertise

In the dynamic landscape of shower tray manufacturing, DAYA emerges as a stalwart, boasting an impressive 23 years of experience in the industry. For businesses seeking unrivaled quality and reliability in their shower tray solutions, DAYA is the name that resonates. As a successful business partner, DAYA presents an invaluable opportunity for companies looking to source shower trays, from traders and retailers to those in search of adept agents and dealers.

DAYA’s Cutting-Edge Factory and Production Capacity

Situated at the core of DAYA’s triumph is its cutting-edge 48,000m² factory, a manifestation of its dedication to excellence. DAYA’s commitment to shower base wholesale partners extends beyond production numbers, focusing on the tangible advantages offered by its products. With an annual production capacity of 80,000 shower trays, businesses can rely on not just quantity but the assurance of quality, intricate patterns, and prolonged effectiveness that characterize DAYA’s offerings.

Comprehensive Services by DAYA

DAYA’s product excellence shines through in the intricate patterns, top-tier quality, and a guarantee of safety and durability.  The shower trays, crafted from a composite material with 93% resin and mineral filler, epitomize DAYA’s commitment to superior composition. The shower rooms, composed of glass and aluminum, showcase the brand’s dedication to a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. These distinctive features set DAYA’s products apart, offering businesses success partners not just options but premium choices that resonate with their brand identity.


In conclusion, DAYA emerges not just as a shower tray manufacturer but as a strategic shower base wholesale partner for businesses seeking excellence and reliability in their product offerings. With a rich history, cutting-edge facilities, and a commitment to customized services, DAYA stands ready to elevate shower base wholesale collaborations to new heights.

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