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Introduction to 2k Injection Molding by WOKA

WOKA is a professional plastic injection mold manufacturer specializing in precision plastic mold design, R&D, manufacturing, and injection molding. With 18 years of experience in the industry, they have advanced mold-making, injection molding, and quality testing equipment. As a leading manufacturer in the plastic injection molding industry, WOKA is proud to offer 2k injection molding services to its clients. Their 2k injection molding process allows for the creation of complex plastic parts with multiple materials and colors in a single molding cycle.

Quality Assurance at WOKA

At WOKA, quality is built into all processes to ensure that the final product you receive is built to your specifications. Their quality assurance is integrated into every step of the manufacturing and assembly process, from beginning to end. They use documented First Article Inspection, Process, and Final Inspection Procedures to continuously monitor the process. Their modern injection molding machines are configured to your project’s specifications and monitored to maximize quality and efficiency.

Rigorous Standards for All Industries

They institute rigorous standards for the pharmaceutical industry and all other industries that they serve. At WOKA, they’ve instituted many processes and reports to ensure that you get the quality you’ve come to expect. With Process Control, you can be assured that changes won’t be made without a thorough review of the entire procedure/process. They also have Documented Inspection Plans and Work Instructions, Internal Auditing, Document Control System, Gauge Calibration Program, Control Plans, and Risk Analysis to ensure quality throughout the entire process.


WOKA’s 2k injection molding services offer a reliable and repeatable process for creating complex plastic parts with multiple materials and colors in a single molding cycle. With Their rigorous quality standards and advanced equipment, you can trust WOKA to deliver high-quality products that meet your specifications.

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