Top bookies with outstanding promotions

In order to attract a large number of members to join, the leading bookmakers often launch attractive promotions with huge bonuses. In addition to attractive bonuses, the bookies also offer a variety of promotions such as registration bonuses for members, cashback bonuses, holiday bonuses, deposit bonuses…

Details about promotions programs and top bookies offerings are presented below.

Top 5 bookies with outstanding promotion programs

BK8 – Most prestigious bookie in Vietnam

BK8 is the last bookie in the list of 8 most prestigious bookmakers in Vietnam according to Napsastarsfc.

BK8 has been operating for more than seven years and up till now, this bookie has millions of loyal customers betting every month.

The special thing that makes customers always love to play and experience with BK8 is the very attractive promotion program with many valuable rewards.

Players can bet comfortably with cashback promotions, great rewards for new players, valuable birthday gifts…

Every game type, every game is offered by BK8 special offers (a gift, a gift code,…). This is also the gratitude that BK8 wants to give to all players.

  • Sports welcome bonus 128%, value up to 2,800,000 VND
  • Super welcome bonus up with value to 15,000,000 VND
  • 100% online casino welcome bonus, value up to 2,000,000 VND
  • Welcome bonus 128% slot game, reward up to 2,800,000 VND
  • Sports rebate from 0.5 – 1%, based on membership level
  • Online casino rebate from 0.5 – 1% based on membership level
  • Slot game cashback from 0.9 to 1% based on membership level

Me88 – Top most prestigious football bookies in Vietnam

It can be said that Me88 is a worthy competitor to all top bookies in the market of reputable bookmakers in Vietnam so far.

Me88 also attracts millions of bettors every month, bringing in trillions of dong in revenue in Vietnam.

The strength of Me88 is the variety of football betting products, along with attractive odds and little waste.

Great advantages of Me88 that new players may be interested in:

  • The bookie absolutely secures customer information with advanced technology.
  • Me88 does not hold money or pay a trickle when a customer wins a bet no matter how small or big.
  • The professional customer care team is dedicated and available 24/7.
  • A wide range of betting products from football, lotto, slots, card games, fish shooting games, and e-sports betting
  • Many attractive promotions, up to 110% deposit.

K8 – World famous online casino

K8 is an international online casino and betting company with more than 15 million members present in many countries around the world.

K8 bookie offices are present in more than 50 countries including the UK, and the Philippines. And now, they are in Vietnam.

The K8 bookie was established in 2005 and started to market in 2017, founded by Asia Gaming. This is a well-known company in the casino industry.

The head office of the K8 bookie is located in the Philippines. During its development, the house has received a business license in the field of online casinos, bringing safety and prestige to players.

Currently, it is estimated that K8 company has more than 1000 employees working day and night taking care of players in all markets.

Therefore, the games, the number of customers and dealers are growing and skyrocketing at this K8 betting house, which shows the level of investment and quality of K8. They offer a variety of promotions for customers:

  • High-rate welcome bonus for new members to sign up and get an extra 100% up to 2,000,000 VND with only 18 betting rounds.
  • Payback up to 1%, the highest compared to online bookmakers today.
  • Daily reload bonus up to 15%.
  • Open a VIP club for long-term members with many attractive incentives.


Loto188 is the brand name of a bookmaker specializing in lottery activities, online lotteries, and online betting game services.

Loto188 is the bookie of the Philippines, and betting in this country is completely legal. That is why players can see that among the major bookmakers in Asia, most of them will have their headquarters located in the Philippines.

The head office of the house Loto188 is located at Six Senses Residences – Metro Bank Ave, Pasay, right in the heart of the Philippine capital Manila.

This is a legal bookmaker in the Philippines and is also under the management of a reputable betting organization in the world, Gaming Associates.

This bookie is licensed by the government in the Philippines to do business in the field of online betting and lotteries. The license is called PAGCOR – OGL Business Number 16 0023.

This bookie offers new players a wide range of promotions. Furthermore, players who have already been there can receive many bonuses that can hardly be seen somewhere else.


The MIG8 bookie operating legally in the Philippines is supervised by the Gaming Associates organization and is licensed by PAGCOR.

This is a Philippine Government License to operate entertainment and gambling operators.

The bookie MIG8 is an emerging brand that is storming the online entertainment market in Vietnam but in other Asian countries, this name is not familiar to professional players.

Currently, the MIG8 betting website has many registered members and is becoming an alternative place for most lottery players. Advantages of this bookie can be:

  • User-friendly interface and fully supported in Vietnamese.
  • Fast access speed, no interruption when playing.
  • 24/7 customer support through many different channels: Live chat, email, Zalo, email…
  • Huge deposit and withdrawal: within 1 to 10 minutes with many different banks.
  • Offering many attractive promotions.

In addition, the bookie MIG8 supports many devices so that guests can play anytime, anywhere: on desktop, Windows, Mac and play on phones as well as support IOS and Android apps.

Top favorite promotions programs

Promotions are programs that traders and bookmakers set out specifically for their customers.

In order to attract more customers to know them, the bookie has had promotions to make players feel excited because when participating, they will receive attractive gifts when playing bets and gambling.

Because of this, it has helped many bookies and even businesses to attract a lot of customers to use their products.

Incentive programs and promotions are the first things that customers care about after successful membership registration.

They will pay attention to promotions on the first deposit, refund on loss, and promotion on the second deposit.

These promotions are available to most reputable bookmakers, and all offer a different bonus depending on financial potential.


If you are a rookie or newcomer to the bookie games then this promotion is just for you. Here, players will be given attractive gifts by the house or will give bettors different bonus rates when the first time a participant deposits or places a bet.

Because there is a high percentage of bonus from 50% – 100%, this program only applies to customers who register for the first time and participate in betting.

The form of this program is usually a bonus or free spins. And each new participant, this program is only applied once, so if you are new, try it once!


What are bonuses? Bonus, also known as a bonus, in the online betting industry will be the amount of bonus that participants will receive when they participate in the promotion offered by the bookie.

Almost all bookmakers apply this type of promotion. To attract customers, the more attractive the promotion program, the more customers have different levels of interest in participating.

The more attractive the promotion level, the more the number of participants will increase, not only that, but the promotion program can also show players that this is a quality and reputable bookmaker.

Promotion without deposit

One of the types that attract many players to participate is that there is no need to deposit money into the bookie.

This is a form of promotion put on the market by some bookies, many new bettors participate because of promotional rewards such as up to 38 free spins or a 38k bet bonus…


The bonus amount that players lose will be refunded to them if they are new members. The amount of this refund or return depends on the bookies’ stake or the player’s level.

This is a promotion that football bettors often encounter for new players. For football bettors, this refund can be up to billions of dong depending on the player’s level, so this program often appears in football betting markets.

The house is the place where all bets are concentrated, so each type of game will be applied by the house with different promotions.

For example, football bets refund % for new players, but in the slot game, there are free spins for the first participant.

This is also one of the promotions that many participants appreciate because of the high reward rate, which easily attracts many bettors.

First deposit

This is a promotion for members who have not joined the bookie. Deposit bonuses here are usually offered along with promotions on holidays, football seasons, or weekly bonuses… Deposit bonuses will come with certain conditions, so players need to find the regulations before receiving promotions. Some deposit promotions such as:

  • BK8– Chance to get iPhone 11 64G for the first deposit.
  • Me88 – Bonus 30% of the first deposit.
  • Loto188 – Enjoy 20% recharge at online casinos every week.
  • Mig8 – Up to 12% deposit bonus at slot games.
  • K8 – Bonus up to 4.2 million VND for VIP members.

Bonus on birthday

When participants log in to the bookie, they will keep information such as username, date of birth… When the participant’s birthday comes, the bookie will give them their own rewards that day. This is considered a privilege that the house gives to its customers.

Promotion when referring friends to join

When becoming a member of a bookie, if a player invites friends to participate in the house’s betting games, both players and their friends will receive gifts. This is the most attractive offer ever.

Promotion for VIP customers

Being VIP customers, players will certainly receive the most preferential privileges that other participants do not have.

Many bookies also have special promotions for VIP customers not only to retain them but also to encourage them to continue to be VIP customers of the house to win more incentives.

With strong investment, quality product service, professional support, and attractive promotions, the top bookies above are attracting more and more players to participate. With their own strengths, it is believed that in the future these betting houses will become familiar names to all bettors in Vietnam and around the world.

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