Instructions on How to See the Standard Color of Rooster Stone According to Feng Shui

The color of the fighting cock’s web is a factor that chickens pay attention to in order to make wise investment choices. If you know how to see the network color, you can evaluate it accurately and choose a higher winning rate. Please refer to our article for more information. Link Jun88 Please.

Learn about fighting cock colors

The “live color” of fighting cocks is based on the color of the feathers and legs of the fighting cocks. In cockfighting and feng shui traditions, this is the factor that determines destiny, in other words, winning or losing when fighting.

People will use colors to name the fighting cocks’ lives such as white, blue, red, yellow, black, etc. The method of viewing the fighting cock’s colors will be based on feng shui to choose the appropriate date and time for the cocks to compete. .

The color of the legs and fur are two important factors to determine the five elements, including Water, Fire, Metal, Wood and Earth. Each network color will correspond to a certain five elements.

This way of viewing network color also focuses on determining the interactions and similarities between coat colors, according to day and season. Correct application of this network color method will help cockers have a higher chance of winning and make effective investment decisions.

Basic colors of fighting cocks

There are many colors of fighting cocks, depending on the feathers, legs and appearance of the fighting cock. However, in Vietnam we often see the following 7 network colors:

  • White: considered a rare life, cocks with this life are popular and have a higher value than usual. White cocks competing with other cyber cocks tend to counter each other.
  • Black: This is also a rare life that can counter many other types of chicken lives.
  • Brown: This is the most popular and popular color, they have the ability to fight durably.
  • Yellow networks are also quite popular but are less popular than brown networks because of their weaker ability to counter opponents.
  • The color of the fighting cock’s web Gray is quite rare and little known, however they can counter many other types of networks.
  • The webbing of a fighting chicken is characterized by white feathers and a unique appearance, but this is not a strong webbing.
  • Blue-legged fighting chickens often have good fighting strength and high fighting ability

Instructions on how to see the color of the fighting cock’s life according to feng shui

To accurately see the color of a fighting cock’s web, you can learn by following the methods shared by the cockerel below.

Based on 12 zodiac animals

Each zodiac animal according to feng shui will correspond to a different lucky color, so you can see the color of the fighting cock’s life based on this factor. For example, 2023 is the year of the Rooster zodiac animal whose lucky colors are black, gray, white, and dark blue. Below are details of the 2024 color chart according to the 12 zodiac animals for your reference.
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Day Lucky Bad luck
Ty The fighting cock is brown, oh Fighting chickens have gray feathers
Suu Fighting cocks are colored in cashew and purple Banana chicken, black chicken
Dan Fighting chickens have gray feathers Wet umbrella-colored chicken
Tips Dark-colored fighting cock Chicken is gray and banana colored
Thin Fighting chickens are colored in cashew, purple, and banana flowers Gray fighting cock
Ty Five-colored fighting chicken, cashew cotton Cashew fighting chicken, black chicken
Noon Fighting chickens have plumage colors of olive, cashew, and gray Five-colored fighting chicken, wet umbrella
Odor Blue and eagle-colored fighting cocks Chicken feathers are cashew, gray, and burgundy
Close Banana-colored fighting cock Cashew chicken in orange and blue color
Rooster O cho colored fighting cock Banana chicken with cotton, cashew, green feathers
Tuat Ice chicken, cashew banana Five-colored cotton chicken
Pig Cashew fighting chickens, blue chickens, blue chickens, Red fighting chicken

See the color of fighting cock’s webs by month/season

The web color of today’s fighting cocks can also be influenced by the month/season of the year. For example, autumn often has different lucky colors than summer.

  • January – March: White and blue.
  • April – June: Orange and red.
  • July – September: Brown and yellow.
  • October – December: Dark gray and blue.

View network color by hour

According to feng shui, every hour also has an impact The color of the cock’s web, let’s refer to the information Jun88 summarized below.

  • Hour of the Rat (11pm-1pm): Green.
  • Hour of the Ox (1am-3am): Blue.
  • Hours of the Tiger (3:00 a.m. – 5:00 a.m.): Black.
  • Hour of the Cat (5:00 a.m. – 7:00 a.m.): White.
  • Dragon hour (7:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.): Hong.
  • Snake hour (9 a.m. – 11 a.m.): Bright red.
  • Horse Hour (11am-1pm): Yellow.
  • Goat hour (13:00 – 15:00): Brown.
  • Monkey Hour (3pm-5pm): Gray.
  • Rooster hour (5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.): Orange yellow.
  • Hours of the Dog (7pm-9pm): Black.
  • Hours of the Pig (9pm-11pm): White.

Should you believe in the color of the fighting cock’s life to invest?

The color of the fighting cock’s life does not 100% determine the win or loss of the fighting cock. This is just a feng shui element to increase fortune for fighting cocks. It is best for the cockerel to properly train and prepare his pet chickens to have the best health to be ready to compete.

Above are detailed instructions on how to watch The color of the cock’s web for fellow cockfighters to refer to. Based on this, you can choose the right time for your cock to compete and have the most winning advantages.

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