The Complete Guide on Electric Stackers

Do you plan to buy walkie stackers in Australia for your warehouse? There are many various truck models available today, and each one has unique features and advantages. The choice is crucial, but it can be difficult to choose because these are pricey pieces of equipment that can make or ruin a warehouse-based firm.

Read this post to learn which sort of truck will work best for you after determining your needs, the size of your business and warehouse, and your budget.

What are the uses of a stacker?

Every year, e-commerce expands. Today, about 20% of all purchases are made online, and this trend is expected to last further into the future. In order to hold more products, warehouses must be bigger, and the space that is already there must be utilized effectively.

An electric stacker is required since it would be difficult to physically move pallets that are stacked up to 13 meters high in some warehouses. For warehouses, construction sites, and storage areas, pallet stackers are ideal.

They can be used to transport pallets of heavy building supplies including tiles, cement, and roofing shingles. They are perfect for lifting pallets up to high positions and moving large boxes for simple and effective storage.

What are stackers’ potential benefits?

Walkie stackers have a number of advantages for your company. Discover why owning one of these trucks can provide you with a host of other advantages in addition to time and money savings.

1.      Economical and environmentally friendly

Electric tackers are very environmentally beneficial because they don’t consume fossil fuels like diesel or gasoline. Lead acid-powered vehicles should be replaced with lithium-ion ones. They have lighter batteries that need less maintenance and charge much faster, significantly reducing your energy costs.

2.      Serves as transportation

Some stacker versions allow the operator to ride in a carriage on top of them. This implies that they can move swiftly and effectively throughout the production floor, storeroom, or warehouse. The model, the load, and the terrain all affect how quickly these trucks can go.

In a crowded workplace, you must move at a different pace than you would in a large, open yard. The trucks’ top speeds can be as high as 26 mph.

3.      Reduces physical labor and safety concerns

You face the risk of getting hurt if you use a manual hydraulic pallet lifter. Your back, shoulders, legs, arms, spine, and joints may become stressed by using one of these machines, and they may even suffer catastrophic harm.

All of these problems are resolved by an electric stacker, which reduces the danger of workplace accidents and your exposure to costly legal action.

Which stacker would be best for you?

Several factors will determine the kind of stacker truck that is best for you. Your company’s size, how many pallets you need to move each day, whether you plan to grow in the future, and, of course, your budget.

1.      Walkie stackers

All stackers that your workers will walk beside are known as walkie stackers. These are excellent for moving and lifting that would be challenging, risky, or take a lot of time for your staff to execute manually.

Final thought

Just keep in mind to do your research before purchasing an electric stacker. Engage your warehouse manager in the process; they will be aware of daily needs.

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