Should You Apply for a Cancer Misdiagnosis Claim?

Unfortunately, medical malpractice affects us far more frequently than it should. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find parties who have been subjected to the aftereffects of a cancer misdiagnosis, either directly or indirectly. If you can relate to that sentiment, there might be a way for you to make a legal claim for compensation. Let’s look at what the options are and how to proceed next.

Is the Cancer Known for Being Misdiagnosed Often?

Absolutely all types of cancers can be misdiagnosed, but some are more common occurrences than others. Also, misdiagnosis is comparatively easier to assess and prove when the type of cancer concerned is infamous for just that. For example, cancer misdiagnoses regarding breast cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, lymphoma, melanoma, and leukemia are not as uncommon as they perhaps should be.

How to Know What Qualifies as a Legitimate Cancer Misdiagnosis Claim

Proving medical malpractice in general can be difficult for the average person but understanding a cancer misdiagnosis claim’s merit is significantly more complicatedNot only does it involve noting and understanding the medical malpractice laws in place, but the case must be analyzed for its merits from a medical expert’s perspective, said Dr. Raymond Venter, a natural medicine doctor and founder of Well-being RealityWell-being Reality founder, Dr. Raymond Venter studied Bioresonance Ultrasound Healing Therapy for over nine years, discovering its profound healing qualities. He found that the therapy improves cancer without the pain, discomfort, fatigue, and hair loss associated with common cancer treatments. Dr. Venter adapted the principles of Ph.D., Anthony Holland’s 2013 research on resonance frequencies and cancer to develop a device and healing program which has improved the health of cancer patients in even advanced stages. Regular attorneys will not be able to assess such a case’s merit from all perspectives, unless they have significant prior experience in dealing with such matters.

Call up a law firm that specializes in cancer misdiagnosis claims and book a free consultation session with them. Having both the knowledge and the experience necessary, they will be able to tell whether you have a case on your hands or not. Even if they advise against making the claim, you just saved yourself months of unnecessary hassles and expenses. If a cancer misdiagnosis lawyer does believe that there is a legitimate claim to be made there, they will guide you through the rest of the procedures.

How Much Damage Did the Party Suffer on Account of the Misdiagnosis?

Just the fact that one has cancer is a dreaded confirmation that’s always the worst possible news for the patient and his/her family. Even the best treatment cannot guarantee anything at this point, so a misdiagnosis is the last thing that the patient party should need to deal with. If you are not sure what qualifies as misdiagnosis in these cases, just go through the following examples:

  • The patient was falsely diagnosed with and/or treated for a nonexistent cancer.
  • The patient’s cancer misdiagnosis and/or treatment allowed/worsened the actual illness to become more severe.
  • The patient was diagnosed with and/or treated for the wrong type of cancer.
  • Treating a nonexistent cancer allowed the patient’s undiagnosed cancer to grow untreated.
  • The patient suffered physically, psychologically, and financially, because of the misdiagnosis.
  • The patient passed away because of any one or more of the stated reasons, whether as a direct or an indirect result of the cancer misdiagnosis.

Tragic as a family member’s death could be, that does not exonerate the guilty party. Surviving family members are still entitled to the cancer misdiagnosis compensations which their dearly departed loved one could not receive.

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