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Support and understanding are vital for women to maintain emotional stability, confidence, and calmness. Often, women may find themselves isolated with their worries and problems when those close to them either cannot or do not show the needed attention. This can exacerbate feelings of loneliness and deepen depression. Receiving help in one’s native language, such as Ukrainian, can significantly enhance the comfort and effectiveness of therapy, providing a deeper sense of connection and understanding.

Alla Jansons stands out as a prominent Ukrainian psychologist in the UK specializing in relationship building. Presently practicing in London and Kyiv, Alla offers her expertise globally through online consultations. Her renown extends beyond personal consulting for numerous well-known individuals; she is a leading figure in a highly sought-after branch of practical psychology focusing on human relational issues. Alla’s initiative extends to founding the Alla Jansons’ Women’s Club, providing a supportive space for women everywhere.

Workplace Stress in Women’s Professional Lives

In today’s era of women striving for financial autonomy, a prevalent challenge faced is workplace stress. This stress is often compounded by negative influences on their mental health, particularly during times of economic fluctuation and intense professional competition. Women may experience:

  • Burnout;
  • An inability to disconnect from work, often finding themselves preoccupied with work-related thoughts at home and even during sleep;
  • Diminished energy and motivation for domestic responsibilities, interaction with children, and caregiving;
  • Workplace pressures, possibly stemming from feelings of inadequate qualifications, a critical or unfair supervisor, or challenges in male-dominated fields;
  • Criticism from spouses, who may accuse them of neglecting family duties, leading to feelings of inadequacy as wives or mothers;
  • Guilt stemming from these various pressures and criticisms.

Professional consultation can be pivotal for women facing such challenges, helping them navigate these difficulties with expert advice.

The Role of an Online Psychologist for Women

A specialist in women’s psychology can assist in managing complications arising from professional life. Women can learn to:

  • Effectively relax and disengage from work during off-hours;
  • Understand their psychological processes, better identify problematic situations, and preemptively manage negative emotions;
  • Overcome unfounded guilt, often rooted in past traumas such as parental expectations of love and attention;
  • Foster self-confidence.

Navigating Stress from Divorce or Relationship Breakdowns

Divorce or break-ups can deeply traumatize women, often leading to loss of self-confidence and fear of new relationships. Despite efforts in past relationships, the dissolution of these bonds can be particularly harrowing. Challenges include:

  • Self-doubt regarding attractiveness and relationship capabilities, especially if the separation is initiated by the partner;
  • Anxiety and fear about the future;
  • Negative feelings towards men;
  • Existential despair.

For instance, Olena Krashtovska, an IT specialist from Ukraine who is now based in London, mentions that during challenging times, support from friends and family may not be enough, particularly if they haven’t had similar experiences. A specialized women’s psychologist can offer invaluable support through:

  • Techniques to rebuild self-belief;
  • Strategies to overcome future-oriented fears and obsessive negative thoughts;
  • Guidance to rekindle the zest for life and openness to new relationships.

Stress in Family Dynamics

Women may also face challenges in family life, such as:

  • Diminished sexual attraction to their spouse;
  • Misunderstandings with children, particularly during their teenage years;
  • Depression stemming from a lack of personal fulfillment.

A skilled psychologist can aid in identifying and addressing the root causes of such stressors.

Benefits of Consulting a Female Psychologist

Consulting a psychologist typically leads to numerous improvements for women. These include:

  • A deeper understanding of and capability to address personal challenges;
  • Enhanced overall well-being;
  • Increased self-confidence;
  • Healthier relationships with partners and others;
  • More enjoyable and productive use of free time;
  • Improved work performance;
  • A rejuvenated sexual life;
  • A sense of attractiveness and beauty;
  • Greater self-assurance and a feeling of being supported.

Overall, psychological consultations often lead to a heightened sense of joy, interest in life, satisfaction, admiration, determination, passion, closeness, love, and happiness.

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