Revealing how to play New88 roulette to win big for newbies

When first coming to the world of casino betting, it is impossible to deny the appeal of the game of roulette Neww88. The game always attracts a large number of players due to its simple gameplay and high payout features. However. Before you step into that world, let’s learn how to play in detail in the article below.

General information about the game roulette

Roulette is a game that originated in the 1720s in France and became famous in casinos in Paris in the 1790s. Until the 19th century, Roulette grew strongly and spread, becoming a popular form. An indispensable betting method at casinos around the world.

With a unique design, the game attracts a lot of attention from casino participants. Players of this game have many options to bet on, including color bets, exact numbers, even/odd, etc. When the dice falls into any box, if the guess is correct, the bettor will win. Payout rates usually depend on the bets, the higher the bet amount, the greater the winning rate.

Forms of betting at New88 roulette

There are many ways to play New88 roulette, which brings diversity and optimization for players’ winning. In addition to traditional types, some online casinos offer many unique forms of betting for participants to experience:

  • Voisins Du Zero: This form of New88 roulette betting focuses on numbers near 0, including 17 numbers from 22-25. When you choose “Voisins Du Zero – Neighbors of Zero,” the system software will automatically place 7 chips on the betting table, with each type of bet having a different reward rate.
  • Third Part of the Spin: This bet includes 12 numbers opposite 0 in the spin. When choosing this method, the system software will automatically place 6 chips on the related numbers from 27 to 33 in clockwise direction.
  • Black and White Double Bet: This betting method places chips between two black or red numbers, with the number of chips increasing to 7 when choosing 29, 10, 28, 11.
  • Orphelin bet: This does not include numbers in the Tiers Du Cylindre and Voisins Du Zero areas. New88 roulette participants place 5 chips on eight unique numbers.
  • Neighbors bet: This type of bet will be placing 5 chips automatically on the selected number and the two numbers next to it, increasing interaction with the numbers.

Understand how to bet and the rules of the game

Mastering the types of bets and rules of playing New88 roulette is the first factor that helps players succeed in this game. Understanding the types and methods of betting will help bettors make smart decisions.
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Learn more about the rules

Roulette New88 is a popular gambling game. This game was originally called that way because the spinning wheel is divided into compartments, with numbers from 0 to 36. Players will bet on the result they believe will appear when the wheel stops. again.

There are several main types of bets available in New88 roulette, you can score some of the following types:

  • Single number bet: Players bet on a single number from 0 to 36.
  • Bet on the divisor: The player bets on 2 adjacent numbers appearing on the wheel.
  • Bet on numbers in a row: Bet money on a row of 3 consecutive numbers.
  • Line bet: Choose a number that is the intersection of 4 numbers.
  • Bet on red/black, even/odd: You bet on all even or odd numbers, or bet everything on all black and red numbers.
  • Bet on small and large numbers: Among the numbers from 1 to 18 or 19 to 36, you choose the number to bet.

Details on how to place bets and calculate winning odds

There are a few types of roulette bets that have higher payout rates than regular types. In the American version of New88 roulette, there is an additional number 00. Betting on one of the 5 numbers 00, 0 1 2 3 will have a payout rate of 6-1. This is said to be the bet with the lowest odds in the game. A key information strategy is to combine different types of betting to increase your chances of winning. Divide your bet into different levels on the table so you can place more numbers.

Easy-to-win New88 roulette strategy

Each method of playing New88 roulette has its own disadvantages and advantages, no strategy can win 100%. Evaluating and choosing the right method for yourself is very important. You can refer to ways to play such as:

Use the Martingale strategy

This way of playing is one of the strategies considered to be the simplest and most popular when playing. The way to play New88 roulette is that after each losing bet, you will double your money in the next game. When winning, the bettor will receive the amount previously bet and win equivalent to the initial bet.

  • This way of playing can help participants make up for losses quickly when they fail. Besides, it also brings a small profit after each winning streak.
  • This Martingale strategy for playing New88 roulette requires players to have large enough financial resources because if they lose the match for a long time. You may have to bet a larger amount of money to make up for losses, risking losing all your capital if you make the wrong decision.

Apply the Fibonacci strategy

This game is based on a series of numbers. Where each next number in the sequence must be equal to the sum of the previous two numbers. When the player loses the bet, he will continue to move this chain to determine the new bet amount.

  • Implementing this method helps bettors manage risk better than double betting. Because participants do not have to bet double the amount every time they lose.
  • Although this method reduces risk, it can also prolong the losing streak and requires you to have appropriate backup financial resources.


Above are detailed information about the attractive and interesting New88 roulette game. Through that, I hope you can understand how to play and the detailed rules of this form of entertainment. To receive many good articles and useful information, don’t forget to visit the house every day.

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