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Optimizing Performance with Techking Earth Mover Tires

When it comes to earth-moving equipment, having high-performance tires is crucial for efficient operations. Techking, a trusted name in the tire industry, offers a range of earth mover tires that are specifically designed to optimize performance in various conditions. With a custom composite solution and significantly improved service life, the SUPER ADT from Techking is a classic offering that is preferred by operators looking for durability, reliability and enhanced performance.

Customized Compound Solutions for Different Conditions

Techking understands that different terrains and conditions require specialized tire solutions. That’s why they have developed customized compound solutions for various road conditions. For soft road conditions, Techking’s SUPER ADT offers the CS compound, which provides excellent traction and durability. The C1 compound is designed for rocky road conditions, offering superior cut and chip resistance. And for extreme road conditions, the C2 compound is the ideal choice, delivering exceptional resistance to cuts, punctures, and wear. With Techking’s SUPER ADT customized compound solutions, operators can confidently tackle any terrain with optimal performance.

+30% Service Life Improvement

Techking Earth Mover Tires SUPER ADT are engineered to deliver a significant service life improvement, ensuring long-lasting performance and cost-effectiveness. These tires feature an impressive +11% wider tread section, providing increased contact with the ground and improved stability. Additionally, with a +17% deeper original tread depth, Techking’s SUPER ADT offer excellent traction and wear resistance. This combination of features results in a longer service life, reducing downtime and increasing productivity on the job site.


The purpose of Techking Earth Mover Tyres is to maximise durability and performance in earth-moving operations. Techking’s SUPER ADT offer operators the necessary dependability and efficiency because of their substantial service life enhancement and customised compound solutions suited to various road conditions. Select Techking earth mover tyres for their exceptional traction, long lifespan, and durability. Put your trust in Techking to make your earthmoving equipment operate better and to handle the most difficult terrain with ease.

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