Now you can have  beautiful things at a massive discount 

Everybody likes discounts and most of them when we got discounts on small things like our fav food or favorite mini product. It brings a heartwarming smile to our faces. So VOGRACE tries to put a cute simple on your face by giving you a discount on different products.

You can avail of the discount from VOGRACE by placing your order at a different level. Although you will get a discount on every product that is in the form of bulk you can individually get a large amount of discount on different products.

So in this blog, you are going to get all the information related to discounts. You will get information about the products that you will get at discounted prices from VOGRACE so don’t wait and place your order now.

Custom wooden rubber stamp

There are lots of different types of straps that are being used nowadays. But we have something traditional. This is the best quality custom wooden rubber stamp. This is used to spat on paper or any other thing.  Acrylic keychains are also very famous. These are made by using the old Japanese technology of stamping. So you must have to try this, it is full of discounts.

Details of products

  • If you order 50 or more than 50 pieces you will get 10% OFF
  • If you order 100+ pieces you will get a 15% discount 
  • You will get 20 MOQ of different designs with different sizes so that you can choose the best one for our need
  • The Requirement of interns include a single color, no gradient, or now shadow material
  • The line thickness must be 0.2mm and it can be years up to 1mm high
  • The design can be customized and highly acceptable
  • You are going to love all the things on this wooden rubber stamp

Ink pad

In pads are also highly demanded in the market so you must have an idea about having the best quality ipad for your office. VOGRACE will provide you with the best quality and highly durable inkpads with different designs and different ink colors according to your need and priority. let’s check out the details of these best-quality ink pads

 Details of product

  • Available in all the universal colors
  • They are a highly impressive variety of designs
  • Custom size shape and quality according to your need
  • 10 pcs as a spell will be provided to the customer so that it would be easy for them to select the best one
  • Custom material selection is also available
  • They are water resistant and highly nature friendly
  • You will get 20% OFF if you order more than 50 pieces

Custom acrylic clock

Time is very precious you don’t have to waste it just playing doing hard work and making a name in the industry. To measure the time. And to make it valuable VOGRACE is here to provide you with the best quality customized clock so that you can easily see the time with your reference. There are types of desks close to the standees. The reason for the popularity of these colors is their customization.

 Details of product

  • You will get 15% off if you will order more than 100+ clocks
  • Make your kids feel happy with these clocks
  • They are available in different shapes sizes and designs according to different demands
  • More you will order less the price will be
  • Two different clocks options are available
  • Customize shape is also acceptable
  • It has a specific shape that does not consume much space on your table

Custom business employee PVC cards

From our childhood, we have been wearing identity cards. There are other best quality PVC cards supplied by the services of  VOGRACE. These cards are your special identity. So VOGRACE will make sure to make them fully customized to the demand of clit. The details of these high-quality PVC cards include

 Details of product

  • They are multifunctional IV PVC employee cards
  • They are customized belonging to a specific company
  • The material used for these cars I’d PET or PVC
  • Customize the size, punching, and accessories for design Accorsi 
  • You can also add the chip-in card for electronic identification
  • Sample for different finishing is also available

Custom umbrellas

Here we have last but not least weather umbrellas. You will get this umbrella according to your expectations. Not only this you can customize any picture on it t make it even more attractive the details of these best quality umber are given below let’s check out

 Details of product

  • High-quality print
  • The waterproof and rainproof upper part
  • It will protect you from harmful UV rays
  • You will get different discounts on different orders
  • You can customize the acrylic city chain along a camera to make it more beautiful
  • Different customizations are available and highly acceptable

Why VOGRACE is the best service

There are lots of reasons that make VOGRACE better than many other brands. But the reason for its popularity is the best quality and second most important is the customization service provided by vograce. Get high-quality acrylic keychain from VOGRACE

Not only the customization and quality but you also get massive types of different discounts on different products so it is also a positive aspect. The Last reason to choose VOGRACE is a 60-day tension-free shipment. VOGRACE is always the best.

Frequently asked questions 

Does VOGRACE make layers of PVC cards?

Yes, VOGRACE provide high-quality lanyards for your PVC cards to make them easily wearable

Can  I customize my own umbrella with my photo?

Why not, you can customize anything you want on your Umbrella with different sizes and shapes

Can I repeat the order with the same instruction?

It will be a pleasure, if want to repeat the order from the voice you will get a discount and more productive quality

Final thoughts 

Now you can order your own customized product at a very big discount. Make your friends and your wallet happy with lots of discounts. I hope you have got all the ideas about these discounts. If you found this blog helpful. Just keep appreciating me and tell me if you want more material like this. Happy shopping with VOGRACE!

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