How to Improve Your Employee’s Learning Skills

Learning is at the heart of life. Without it, we cannot grow, adapt, change, and overcome. It trickles down into every area of life, from developing into an adult, experiencing school, and moving forward in our career – and it never stops!

That being said, there are different ways in which people can learn. For some, it is not always straight forward. Many people have different learning styles and also benefit from a combination of approaches to get the most out of obtaining new information.

This piece is going to take a look at some of the ways in which you can help improve your employee’s learning skills so they can excel in themselves and in the company.

Give Them Time

Learning is a process. For some it can be longer than others, but the bottom line is that everyone needs a certain amount of time to take in information and store it in their long-term memory. If you want an employee to learn something that they might not have any prior experience with, this could take more time. Similarly, if you are asking your employees to learn something different from what they know now, it can take a while for the brain to get that new information or routine hardwired. Allowing your employees to adjust and take on new information will benefit both them and the business in the long run!

Not to forget – stress shrinks the brain which can affect performance and memory!

Offer Learning Opportunities

If you want your employees to build on their skills, then it is important that you present them with the opportunities to do so. Without that influence it can be much more difficult for employees to have the time to learn, especially outside of work. Providing them with an opportunity to advance on their skills will not only bring them additional confidence but will also show that you are invested in them as people. This goes a long way for company loyalty and employees feeling valued.

If you are interested in offering learning opportunities to your employees, consider using the learning platform Thinqi, which offers blended digital learning for an immersive experience.

Make Sure to Give Feedback

It can be easy for businesses to only offer feedback if something needs changing or if something needs to be done in a different way. While this kind of feedback is important, it is also crucial to let employees know when they are doing a good job or have done something particularly well. Not only will this boost their confidence, but it shows you recognize their efforts and skill, and reiterates that they are on the right track. Very few people want to try their best if they are constantly not sure that they are getting it right!

Learning is a crucial part of every business and its growth, and providing that to your employees will create a happier and more productive work environment that will continue to thrive.

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