Cig meatball attacker 2 brothers arrested

Coming to the raw meatball shop operating in the Istiklal District of Afyonkarahisar city center, Gurur Ş. A person named YK punched and battered the employee on the grounds that the raw meatballs he ordered were spicy.

After the incident, Guru Ş. While he was released after his statement was taken by the police, he was detained again by the police yesterday after the incident was heard and reacted.


In addition, there was another attack on the raw meatball shop, where the incident took place, last night. Gurur Ş., his brother Hüseyin Ş. He came to the office with his brother-in-law Basri B. and his brother-in-law, Doğukan B., when Bilal T. was in the shop.

Getting out of the car, Hüseyin Ş threw the beer bottle in his hand first on the security camera of the workplace and then on the door window of the shop. The person who broke the glass with the beer bottle tried to calm him down.

After getting rid of the people who held him, Hüseyin Ş. threw the coffee table in front of the workplace, this time, to the shop window of the workplace many times. Then, the attacker kicked and damaged the motorcycle that was being serviced in front of the workplace.

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After the incident, Gurur Ş. was caught by the police and sent to the courthouse. and Huseyin S. Basri B. and Doğukan B. were released after the prosecution was questioned. (UAV)

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The person who beat the raw meatballs: I’ll beat what I want, I will spit on anyone

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