EVE Offers Fully Customizable Battery Solutions For Passenger Vehicles

EVE has always been a company that takes its commitment to the environment seriously. Recently, they released a new line of battery solutions specifically designed for passenger vehicles. These solutions are fully customizable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each vehicle.

HEV battery system

High-power cells with the following characteristics: long cycle life, high power density,  high safety, affordable price, excellent BMS control strategy, improved battery system safety and life; two types of air-cooled and liquid-cooled thermal management system product line, meet the needs of users in various scenarios.

HEV battery solution advantages

  • Powerful and unafraid of the cold

The battery can function normally regardless of the hot or cold temperature. The material coating is lighter; the cell tabs are as thin as a cicada’s wing, have ultrahigh peak power, and can be charged and discharged more freely.

Specifically designed for conventional gasoline vehicles, 12V low-voltage lithium power supply does not require additional space.

  • Low emissions and fuel consumption

The era of 5L/100km fuel usage for passenger cars has arrived in China. A 48V MHEV battery pack completely changes how cars cruise, brake, and start and stop. The gasoline is always completely consumed, and the engine is always productive. The results are more inexpensive and environmentally beneficial.

  • Long life and high safety

There is no need to worry about electrical risks because the voltage is lower than the safety voltage of 60V. It also has an extremely long service life and maintains performance without degradation.


EVE has developed a fully customizable battery solution for passenger vehicles that allows for more efficient use of electric power and reduced emissions. Contact EVE for more information on the products!

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