Free internet from IMM to villages and neighborhoods Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality offers students and citizens who do not have internet access in rural neighborhoods and villages

Continuing its efforts to strengthen and expand the city’s internet infrastructure, IMM has tackled the internet problem in rural areas. With the İBB WiFi free internet points, which are planned to be established in 151 locations in total, it is aimed to provide additional support to the distance education needs of the students due to the pandemic.

All students and citizens will be able to benefit from the fast and secure internet experience for personal development and digital education opportunities as they wish, with the project implemented for citizens living in rural areas and children who have problems in distance education because there is no internet at home in villages.

Support for youth education

As a result of the studies carried out; Affiliated to Beykoz, Alibahadır, Poyrazköy, Ishakli; Kestanelik, Çanakça, Dağyenice of Çatalca; Hüseyinli of Çekmeköy; Internet has been installed in Akören and Seymen villages of Silivri. In the first phase of the project, this number will be increased to 50 villages within a month.

With the awareness that providing equal opportunities in education is an important social municipality responsibility, the project aims to facilitate the lives of citizens and to stand by all children who receive education despite financial impossibilities.

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