DIY Real Estate Marketing Ideas

The pandemic rocked many industries and business sectors, and real estate wasn’t spared. However, it brought transformative changes that realtors can take advantage of to find new clients. For example, many people spend approximately 147 minutes daily on digital platforms looking for products and services. Consequently, real estate agents can get creative in targeting that market, whether through content marketing, webinars, podcasts, or online seminars.

With the real estate industry being so competitive, you can’t afford to be lax in your marketing efforts. Surprisingly, 73% of buyers only interview one real estate agent during their home search. Unless you work hard at building your brand awareness and getting in front of buyers, you risk having a hard time finding new clients.

With that in mind, this post gives you insights into creative, productive, and cost-effective DIY real estate marketing ideas.

Market Yourself on Zillow

Zillow is one of the most critical resources for the real estate industry. Many buyers that want to research real estate listings use this platform. It received approximately 196 million monthly users in 2019 alone.

So, create a profile on Zillow and request your existing clients to leave a review. You’ll be surprised by the number of phone calls or contacts you’ll receive from the platform. Furthermore, you can later run ads on Zillow when you have a solid profile.

Utilize Virtual Staging

Do you want a DIY real estate marketing idea that piques potential clients’ interest? Then create a virtual staging real estate website. Here, you’ll give them a sneak preview of each new home on your listing. Have a professional photographer take the photos for you for the best outcome.

Online staging is an excellent lead generation alternative to hosting open houses, which is time-consuming and expensive. A 2018 study found that staged homes fetched 6-25% more than homes not staged before the sale.

Install Digital Signage Displays in Your Office

How do you market yourself in the office setting? An excellent marketing tip is to use digital signage displays. To explain, you can use digital signs to curate content that promotes your real estate business. A content idea to start you off is to look for positive customer feedback and

showcase them on your digital screens. Your past happy customers could be the incentive that boosts your reputation in your real estate marketing efforts.

As such, when a sale goes well, get in touch with them later and request them to write a sentence or two about your services. If they post this on social media, for example, use your digital displays to project it to your office visitors. That way, your prospective buyers will understand how helpful you are to those you serve.

Make Use of Your Social Media Profiles

An active digital presence is a DIY real estate marketing strategy that can boost your business. However, it’ll only work if you leverage it to position yourself as a trusted realtor for homeowners and potential buyers. Consider joining local real estate Facebook groups and interacting with the audience by answering their questions. Follow up with those who show interest in your services. Also, be active in relevant hashtag-based discussions on various social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.

In short, strive to establish yourself as the best real estate agent. Go ahead and share helpful content to demonstrate your knowledge and experience in the industry. Prospective clients want to connect with real estate agents with the know-how in the niche.

Create Marketing Videos

Video content marketing is another DIY real estate marketing idea to boost your digital marketing efforts. It’s becoming the preferred online marketing option, with videos generating more than 1,200% more social shares than image and text posts.

While at it, expand your reach by creating different types of videos. For example, you can conduct virtual tours on services like Google Tango or Matterport, show off the neighborhood, or offer advice to your audience.

Partner with Local Businesses

Don’t isolate yourself if you want to succeed in your real estate career. In other words, learn to partner with other local businesses and real estate agents and furnish them with your contact information. When you have solid professional partnerships with other companies, it’s easy to generate real estate leads offline through referrals.

For example, partnering with lenders opens an avenue to link up with first-time homebuyers looking for a realtor to help them complete their home buying process. Likewise, link up with local moving companies to exchange referrals. More importantly, be creative enough to create an incentive system for past clients to refer future homebuyers to you.

You Can Grow Your Business with DIY Real Estate Marketing

Marketing your real estate business to the local market doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. Nonetheless, you have to be creative in your real estate marketing plan, looking for cost-effective strategies that work. The above DIY real estate marketing ideas form an excellent point to help you get started. While you may not implement them all at once, you’ll eventually determine what works for you as a real estate professional.

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