All You Need to Know Before Purchasing Denim Jeans

Jeans are simple to care for and comfy to wear. They can be paired with anything from a shirt to a Kurti. The fashion item has undergone a significant makeover over the years, with many different types available these days – from distressed jeans to classic denim.

However, buying a new pair of mens denim jeans may be difficult since you must consider various factors such as style, size, colour, and, of course, the newest trend.

Types of denim jeans for men

Jeans contain narrow, slim, or straight labels, indicating which body types the jeans best fit.

  • Regular: Jeans with a mid-rise and with a straight leg. The trouser leg has a relatively broad leg opening that runs straight through the thigh and falls directly from the knee to the hem.
  • Skinny: With their tighter fit, skinny jeans are the newest member of the jeans family.
  • Slim style: It has a zip fly and a mid-rise fit—a shorter leg opening with a straight hip and thigh.
  • Baggy: The roomiest fit of jeans; it gives lots of room in the thighs, legs, and buttocks for guys who require it.
  • Relaxed: Relaxed-cut jeans are loose-fitting from the waist down to the leg opening and won’t hug any part of your body.

Here is a list of things to consider when purchasing a new pair to help you make an informed purchase:

Check the budget.

The cost of a pair of men’s denim can vary, and pricing is often a good predictor of quality. With jeans, you usually get what you paid for. With that in mind, consider what you anticipate from the new pair before making the purchase.


The denim used to make high-quality jeans is more robust and heavier. They should feel as abundant as they should seem. Get the fabric when you’re shopping, then. Besides summer jeans, lightweight denim is typically considered to be of poorer quality. If you can’t locate the denim weight of a pair of jeans on the label, ask a salesperson for it. Additionally, if you’re purchasing online, examine if the product description includes information on the fabric weight.

Durable Stitching

It is possible to determine the quality of a pair of men’s denim jeans by the stitching on the hems, pockets, and side seams. The stitch should be strong enough to resist pulling, splitting or unravelling under tension. In addition to double-stitching, which resembles a chain’s links, chain-stitching is a looped stitch that indicates that jeans were made with great care. In addition, you may use one row of stitches if you use a thick, sturdy thread.

Stretch Check

Bring on the stretch denim if you want comfortable, form-fitting pants. When buying stretch jeans, look at the label to see how much Lycra or Spandex is in the material. You want no more than 2 per cent. The problem is that, while constructed of fabric intended to stretch and pull, stretch jeans should only go so far. Generally, 1 per cent will provide you with a more forgiving fabric, while 2 per cent will offer you just a hint of stretch for comfort. The jeans will likely start to deteriorate or sag any more than that because stretch jeans are designed to fit if you’re in-between sizes.

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