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Latest trendy printed blouse designs of Ajrak for cotton sarees

If you love wearing traditional blouses in every festival then it’s time to try the Ajrakh blouses. Ajrakh blouses are very comfortable and are handmade, contains different types of colours and patterns in one blouse.  Blouses looks flawless on every saree and gives a beautiful look . If you are a saree lover then you have silk are cotton sarees and pairing this Ajrak blouses will enhance the saree look and glam you up. Ajrakh blouses have delightful colours with super stylish cuts and designs . Will make a simple saree to a super stylish and glamorous look. Pick up some blouses of your choice and rock this festivals with your gorgeous look.

Trendy multi color off sleeves blouse of ajrakh with floral prints.

Very comfortable and stylish blouse of ajrakh. This blouse will give you a bold look without any hardwork. It contains collar neck with red borders . The chest area is covered with beautiful neutral leaves and flowers designs and small buds on the middle of the chest area. Other area is of simple red colour for a formal look . Half sleeves is also has there for a comfortable look in summers also. Just need to pair with any cotton saree and some accessories . It’s eye-catching and attractive alos. For parties and small functions.

Fancy multi color with floral prints Ajrak blouse design

This multi color blouse is gonna help you a lot during wedding season or any guest wedding look when you don’t want to invest in any outfit and you are trying to wear your old clothes and want a new look . This multi color blouse is perfect for you with multi patterns and designs will go with any outfit in your wardrobe. You can also wear this on any simple lehehnga you have. The hands are of half sleeves with floral prints and indigo blue border . The chest area is fully covered with amazing colours and prints. Match up with gold plated jewellery and you are good to go.

Glamourous puffy sleeves with floral print ajrakh blouse design


Amazing puffy sleeves pink blouse . Pink colour is the favorite of every girl and when it comes to blouse every girl want it. This pink blouse will suit in every girl and will look perfect . The neck is of sweet heart shape which is very classy for any party. Puffy sleeves with orange floral borders. The chest area is fully covered with beautiful floral prints of green colour. This type of blouses are perfect for any wedding guest look . Match with some accessories and bangles.

Beautiful prints with bold colours ajrakh blouse design

This blouse will add a sophisticated look to your saree style . Different types of prints and colours in one blouse. The neck area is of round shape with orange borders. Hands are of half sleeves with indigo floral prints and red orange borders. Chest area is fully covered with red and orange floral prints for a perfect traditional look. Overall blouse is perfect for any wedding function in your house. Some silver plated jewellery will be perfect for your look.

Pretty pink colour floral ajrakh blouse design

Perfect combination of pink, yellow and red with unique prints. Divided into two parts one is of simple beautiful pink colour and second is of red with orange floral prints. The hand area is of pink colour with yellow borders and small pink buds for a final touch up. The neck has sweetheart shape with yellow borders. This colour is dimanding everywhere because of beautiful pinky colour. Match up with any cotton saree and some accessories of your choice. For parties and small functions in your house.

Fashionable ethnic floral print ajrakh blouse design

Blue and red combination is just irresistible. Different types of patterns and colours in one blouse is just amazing. Half sleeves blouse with yellow and indigo colour borders for a perfect traditional look. The middle part and the hands part has red colour fabric with white lining blurred prints after that the corners of the chest area has floral prints of white on blue fabric. Very comfortable and s


Trendy collection of Ajrak blouses will blow your mind. All the blouses above are especially made for festive wear . Best handmade Ajrakh blouses with unique patterns and beautiful colours as well. All the blouses are very comfortable and summer friendly. If you love wearing traditional clothes then you need to try these beautiful collection of Ajrak blouses. You just need any cotton or silk saree and some accessories that’s it pair it and get a glamorous look. Get celebrity type of look just wearing this beautiful blouses of ajrakh.

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