3 important tips for growing business in 2022

Do you want to start a business and don’t know where to start? Then this article is for you. Our business experts will give beginners 3 essential tips to succeed in a short period of time. If you plan on starting a business, you will have to organize your social media. Having social media such as TikTok is a huge advantage, since it is the most trendy video platform right now. Online shopping is very popular in 2022, therefore focusing on TikTok and advertising your products online can boost your profit. Gaining fame on TikTok is not an easy thing, so you can consume your time and buy TikTok followers from trusted website.

1 – Do not disperse but know when to stop

Develop your ability to stay focused on your goals , but don’t be a diehard or overly perfectionist . You will never achieve perfection. For this, there is a simple principle: Pareto’s law or 20/80

This principle is summarized as follows: 20% of the causes (actions) cause or generate 80% of the effects or results.

Applied to the business field, it is a tremendously powerful tool that allows you to focus your action without dispersing yourself and to know when to stop  :

  • 20% of your unprofitable and unhappy customers often generate 80% of your wasted time and problems , right? By separating yourself from this 20%, you will save 80% of your time to take care of your customers who will bring you much more than the lost 20%.
  • 20% of your customers often drive about 80% of your business results . To develop your turnover, focus your actions on these 20% and you will have maximum leverage.

Apply Pareto’s law as much as possible for all your action plans to maximize your results with the minimum of energy.

2 – Create opportunities by meeting new people

To do this, develop your networks , join groups of entrepreneurs , professional associations , and trade corporations.  Look for alliances , get closer to your competitors , stay open to opportunities by never having a preconceived opinion on someone or on an idea. Always remain open to proposals.

3 – Keep Learning

Discovering new things, doing training , reading books will allow you to always stay at the forefront of what is being done. Condition your brain to receive new ideas, to adapt to change. Joining an accelerator program is a great way to learn from professionals. During their programs, startup founders work closely with mentors and advisors, engage in mastermind sessions, and leverage a vast partner network to prepare them to raise investment capital from angel investors, venture capital, and/or equity crowdfunding. The program culminates with Demo Week, where the startups present their companies to curated investor groups from around the world. The Newchip Accelerator portfolio, valued at over $5 billion, includes over 750 graduates that have collectively raised over $150 million in funding.  Newchip Accelerator Reviews will help you to decide if it is for you. Practice Gandhi’s saying

Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever


Neuroscience has shown that our ability to learn is the same at 18 or 60 . The only difference is that at 60 we are no longer trained. Our brain suddenly needs re-education and practice for 1 to 2 years to readapt and become at the top of its memorization and integration capacities.

Train your brain to stay on top throughout your life: work on your  memory  and your creativity

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