What is Falling Lot  New88? How to Play Super Standardly for Newcomers

Lottery number  New88SG is a popular name in the field of betting and lottery games. This is a game that any brother who participates in betting games at the house should not miss. Please follow my article New88 Below you can find out how to predict the lottery as well as get betting tips!

Overview of bookmaker  New88

New88 was born in 2010 and is the leading brand in the most popular betting industry today. Bookmaker  New88 has its headquarters located in Manila, Philippines, operating actively in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, England, China,…

With many years of experience operating in the betting field,  New88 not only provides a playground with a variety of products but is also a very reputable place to secure players’ information. The proof is that the bookmaker has received a license to organize legal online betting by UK GAMBLING COMMISSION.

Here, you can experience a variety of different online extreme fish games such as: Lottery  New88, casino, sports, fish shooting, pot explosion, Sic Bo, e-sports, ……. The game’s interface is designed with beautiful graphics, clear 3D images and engaging sound. All will give you a truly wonderful relaxing time.

Besides, the payout ratio from the house is extremely high, up to 1 to 99.5. And also receive many attractive promotions, incentives, and gifts that  New88 offers to its members.

What is lottery number  New88?

Falling lots is a concept in the lottery field that is most loved by many people today. This is a game with a very simple way to participate and a very high winning rate. Falling lot number  New88 is applied according to yesterday’s lottery results and positions to predict today’s lottery results.

You can apply this method of play to any prize, whether it is a special prize or a regular prize. This is a method that does not take too much time and has a high winning rate, if you know how to catch the lottery and understand the falling lottery cycles of two pairs of numbers.

Lot number  New88 is divided into 2 different types. As follows:

  • Results from lottery numbers: This is the form of lottery numbers that will match yesterday’s lottery results. This condition usually appears within 1 to 5 days.
  • Result from lot number. This is how the lottery results will match yesterday’s lottery results. This case usually appears within 5-7 days.

An example for you to understand: If on October 21, 2023, the lottery result is 11, then in today’s Northern results on October 22, 2023, you will bet on lottery number 11 and you will have a chance to win big.

Instructions on tips for playing the lottery super standard for rookies

With online lottery and betting games, players do not depend solely on their luck. Besides, the factor of experience and understanding the tips when playing is also very important. Here are some interesting tips for you.

Follow the lottery within 3 days

Tracking the results of lottery number  New88 for 3 consecutive days helps you easily analyze and predict today’s lottery numbers. In this form, you need to check the lottery pair for at least 2 days. If the result of that pair comes back at least once, then on the 3rd day, play this pair.

This method can be limited from 3 days to 7 days. If your method of raising lots for too long still doesn’t work, give up that pair of numbers and start monitoring the good pair. To prevent risks, play with another lottery pair!.

Bet on pairs of numbers that have no results

This is also a form of lottery prediction based on the falling cycle of two pairs of numbers. Please monitor, collect statistics and remove lottery pairs that have appeared in the last 7 days. Then, focus on researching and analyzing pairs of numbers that have not yet appeared.
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If you see a pair of lottery numbers  New88 that has not appeared for a while, boldly bet on that pair of numbers, the odds of winning a big prize are sure to be very high.

Play in pairs for 3 days and come back mixed

This is a fairly simple and effective way to predict lottery numbers. In this method, you should also monitor and rely on lottery results for 3 days. Based on the results, if the lottery results do not come back and the pairs of numbers are opposite to the pairs of previous days, they will definitely appear the next day.

An example for you to easily understand, for example, on September 24, the lottery is 32, on September 25, it is lottery 48, there is no lot 32, on September 26, it is lottery 73, there is no lot 48. And in 3 days, 24/ September 9, 25, and September 26 results do not have lot number 24. Then on Wednesday, September 27, you should play the opposite pair of September 24, which is 23, and you will definitely win the lower lot number  New88.

The method of catching lottery balls is beautiful and has many flashes

Observe the lottery results, if you notice that the lottery pair comes back many times, you should bet on this pair correctly the next day. With beautiful lottery numbers, the odds of appearing in the next day’s results are very high. To ensure safety and avoid risks, gamers can play more opposite pairs to have a chance to win big!

Some notes when using the  New88 falling lottery tip

When participating in online betting and lottery games, there will be some important notes when applying the falling lot method. Please refer to the following tips:

  • Track lottery results: To be able to apply lottery tips, 99% is based on the lottery results of the previous days. Therefore, please monitor and analyze the results carefully to make prediction easier.
  • Understand the tips: Understanding and understanding the forms when applied to lottery screening is extremely important. They help you know how to observe, predict and analyze the most accurate pair of lottery numbers
  • Perseverance: This is an issue that many people do not pay attention to. But in fact, they play a very important role. Persistently raising lots for many days without getting accurate results will make many people easily discouraged and give up.
  • Applying other pairs: Lottery prediction is a trick that brings quite high luck. Therefore, to limit the possibility of losing everything, divide your bet between the soi tip and an accompanying pair.
  • Maintain your spirit: When participating in betting and lottery games, you need to have the most comfortable and clear mind to avoid making mistakes!


Above is our sharing on how to check the falling lottery number  New88. Hopefully, sharing some lottery tips above can help you get to shore safely. Let’s analyze and learn carefully! The bookmaker wishes you wonderful moments of entertainment lottery  New88 and win big!

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