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Utilize the NL-JY2+2.G Electric Powered Golf Cart to Take Your Golf Skills to the Next Level

Introducing the NL-JY2+2.G electric powered golf cart by Nuole, where power, innovation, and personalization unite. This exceptional 4-seater golf cart boasts a sturdy 48V/5KW AC Motor, delivering impressive performance on the golf course. With customizable features, the NL-JY2+2.G allows you to create a golf cart that suits your specific needs. Let’s explore the power, innovation, and personalization offered by this remarkable electric powered golf cart.

Unleashing Power and Performance

The NL-JY2+2.G is equipped with a strong and powerful 48V/5KW AC Motor, providing exceptional acceleration and performance. This electric powered golf cart effortlessly navigates the course, ensuring a thrilling and efficient ride. The motor delivers the power needed to conquer various terrains, enhancing your golfing experience. With the NL-JY2+2.G, you can confidently tackle any challenge on the course.

Innovative Macpherson Independent Suspension

Experience a smooth and comfortable ride with the Macpherson Independent Suspension featured in the NL-JY2+2.G. This innovative suspension system absorbs shocks and bumps, minimizing vibrations and ensuring a pleasant golfing experience. The Macpherson Independent Suspension enhances stability and maneuverability, allowing you to glide effortlessly across the course. Enjoy a ride that feels like floating on air with this cutting-edge technology.

Safety and Personalization

Safety is paramount, and the NL-JY2+2.G prioritizes precise control with its Hydraulic Double Pipe Brake. This braking system ensures reliable and responsive stopping power, giving you peace of mind during your golf rounds. Additionally, Nuole offers customization options for tailored OEM and ODM solutions. You can personalize the NL-JY2+2.G to meet your specific requirements, creating a golf cart that reflects your style and preferences.


With the NL-JY2+2.G electric powered golf cart from Nuole, you can take your game of golf to the next level with a blend of power, innovation, and customization. This golf cart provides an unparalleled blend of performance and dependability with its robust 48V/5KW AC Motor, cutting-edge Macpherson Independent Suspension, and safety features such as the Hydraulic Double Pipe Brake. Personalize your NL-JY2+2.G golf cart to fit your exact specifications.

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