Top Bookmakers Offering the Hottest Free Bets Today

If you are a big fan of soccer betting, you cannot help but know the term free bets, also known as Free Bet. This is a form to attract more players from the bookmakers. So do you know what are the bookmakers that offer free bets that most people play? Together Nhà cái Hi88 Read the following article.

Learn about free bets

The first condition for you to be able to participate in the promotion is to successfully register to open an account at a game portal. At the same time, you need to participate in enough betting rounds as prescribed by the house to receive the reward.

You can simply understand that if the house deploys such a bonus, you can try playing without losing money. You can use this money to participate in the game. If the experience is suitable, you can deposit more money to continue playing.

In what form does the bookmaker give away free bets?

Playing online games and getting free bets is the biggest offer ever. What could be better than being entertained and given start-up capital? Below are common forms used to receive this reward.

Free bets immediately after registration

This is a long-term default offer that applies to all gamers who successfully register an account at the house for the first time. When the system receives the signal, it will immediately transfer the bonus to your wallet. At bookmakers offering free bets, the current bonus level ranges from 50k to several hundred thousand depending on different bookmakers.

Bonus bet for first deposit

Not only does the house give free bets to new players, but the house also organizes a reward program for accounts that make transactions for the first time such as depositing money into a game account. Extremely attractive bonus levels can range from 50% – 100% of the amount you deposit.

The bookmaker offers free bets for the 2nd deposit

You might think you only get a bonus when you deposit money for the first time, but that’s not the case. Today’s websites also give bonuses for the second account deposit. This form is for the purpose of expressing gratitude to customers as well as creating an additional impression. profound for new customers. However, the reward for the second deposit will not be as high as the first time you deposit.
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Reward bets in the form of refunds

The bookmaker gives away free bets in the form of a refund, essentially the amount of commission the house has deducted to cheer up the players. This refund level will be calculated on your total betting revenue at the house each week. It doesn’t matter whether your game wins or loses.

This revenue is the amount you bet and is added to the amount the player deposits for all different games. From soccer betting to casino or lottery,… This refunded bet will be proportional to your total revenue.

Playgrounds that bookmakers offer the most attractive free bets

After understanding about this reward program, surely everyone wants to immediately find a playground to apply this hot program. To satisfy your needs, Hi88 will introduce some large reputable bookmakers below that are applying this method extremely conveniently.

Play big and win big with Thabet playground

Among the top bookmakers offering free bets on the market is Thabet. This house has more than 10 activities in the field of online games and is supported by a large community.

Bookmaker Thabet is developed by Jiuzhou Group and has a legal operating license. With clear origins and prestige, this playground is increasingly developing with strong economic potential. The bookmaker gives you free bets up to 588k when you successfully register an account here. The amount of bonus is not small, isn’t it?

Hi88 – 50k bonus for a new registration

If you are looking for a bookmaker with a free bet program, you should not ignore the name Hi88. This house is currently being rumored among brothers about its fair reputation as well as super smooth game speed. Joining the game here, you have to worry about getting into any trouble. With a few simple steps of registering a game account, you can immediately receive 50k into your account to experience the hot hit games that you are waiting for.

VN88 – Known as the national betting playground

This national free bet giving house is known to gamers from typical programs such as:

  • Promotion of 88k for new members who successfully register an account
  • Make your first deposit and receive 150% of the value of the top-up card immediately
  • Deposit money the second time and receive a bonus of 50% of the value of the recharge card
  • There is also a 1% refund program when you participate in Slot games.


Through the above article, you must have clearly understood the ways bookmakers give away free bets to gamers. Don’t hesitate any longer, find yourself a reputable playground to experience.

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