Top 3 Online Web Development Courses to Upskill Yourself

Software and web development jobs have become the most coveted ones out there as the digital world continues to expand and grow at an unprecedented pace. These jobs are also high-paying because of the sheer demand, making this field a gold mine of opportunities.

Are you interested in upskilling yourself in web development but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! We got you covered with these 3 top web development courses that are available to you today, in 2022. And if the price is your biggest concern, you can even find free courses or affordable EMI plans to enhance your knowledge without breaking the bank.

All these courses mentioned below are online-based, meaning that you can take them up in the comfort of your home. These courses are also ideal for those who are looking to widen their skillset without having to quit their jobs.

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Now, let’s go back to discussing 3 of the best online web development courses to enrol in to upskill yourself!

1.  Responsive Web Design Fundamentals by Udacity

Let’s begin with the most affordable option – the free course. This two-week web design & online web development course teaches you the fundamentals of a responsive web design along with the opportunity to create your own web page that is optimized for every digital device. You can learn this informative, rich content in the form of quizzes and practical exercises that are taught by industry professionals. If you are new to web design and want to enhance your skills without dipping your feet too deep into the water, this course is for you! Taking this course can be your first step towards being a successful web designer, developer or software engineer.

Course Details
Course Title Responsive Web Design Fundamentals by Udacity
Modules Offered ●     Introduction to responsive design

●     Introduction to the viewport

●     Building up with CSS

●     Common Responsive Patterns

●     Optimizations



Course Duration 2 weeks
Prospective Careers Software Engineer, Web Designer, Web Application Developer
Prerequisites Prior basic knowledge of CSS/HTML
Cost Free


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2.  Front-End Web Development Course by Great Learning

Are you unsure if web development is the right job profile for you? Take this short 23-hour course and find out whether this topic interests you! This affordable course will enhance your skills through guided projects, interactive assignments and quizzes conducted by qualified teachers. You will also receive a verified developer certificate upon completion of this course that adds more value to your CV.

Course Details
Course Title Front-End Web Development Course by Great Learning
Modules Offered ●     HTML

●     CSS

●     JavaScript

Course Duration 23 Hours
Prospective Careers Front-end Developer
Prerequisites None
Cost ₹3999

3.  Post Graduate Diploma Course in Software Development (with DevOps Specialization) by UpGrad

If you already have prior knowledge of web development and want to specialise in DevOps with a highly recognised post-graduate diploma course, then this 13-month course taught online is just for you! This course equips you with the knowledge to deliver data and applications at a fast pace to large organisations. When coupled with prior software development knowledge or a full-stack development module, you will be fully equipped to build an intuitive website from scratch and become an expert at DevOps. While this course is pricier than the rest, it is worth every penny as it gives you a Post Graduate Diploma Certificate upon completion. If the money is difficult to cough up, consider taking this course through a no-cost EMI option.

Course Details
Course Title Post Graduate Diploma in Software Development (DevOps Specialization) by UpGrad
Modules Offered  

●     Designing and prototyping along with integration and testing

●     Data structures and algorithms

●     Introduction to Software engineering and Agile methodology

●     Object-Oriented Programming and Software Engineering

●     Deployment Perspective: Agile, DevOps, Code and Versioning

●     Fundamentals of Programming Language with basic data structures (Java)

●     DevOps: Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment

●     DevOps – Advanced Topics

●     Requirements Identification and Understanding the environment

●     Practical Application: Industry Project


Course Duration 13 Months
Prospective Careers DevOps Engineer, Software Engineer, Backend Developer
Prerequisites BA Degree (with minimum 50% passing marks). No coding experience required.
Cost ₹1,51,671 (or ₹11667 per month for 13 months via EMI)

While this list has three popular online web development courses at different price points, it is not exhaustive. There are a plethora of online courses offered to you that can boost your skills in any area of web development and software.

Don’t let the cost of the course get in the way of your learning. Break your course fees into smaller payments with an EMI plan. ZestMoney works with many online course providers like UpGrad, Intellipaat, GreatLearning and Simplilearn amongst many others and offers you no-cost EMI plans with zero down payments, zero interest, and zero additional fees. In fact, you can also buy your next laptop on EMI without credit card with ZestMoney to help you in your learning journey and bring you one step closer to your dream job!

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