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Siemens Energy and BASF join forces for low-carbon production

First of all, work will be started for BASF’s Ludwigshafen Project, and it is aimed to renew the hydrogen production, heat pumps and electricity grid with the cooperation of the two giant companies. Among the important goals are to contribute to the creation of a sustainable hydrogen economy, as well as a lower carbon footprint and reduction of energy consumption in industrial processes.

Siemens Energy has signed a cooperation with the global chemical company BASF on the use of low carbon emission technologies. In this context, it is aimed to develop commercial products that will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in BASF’s chemical products. With the cooperation to be realized with Siemens Energy’s innovative product and service portfolio, BASF aims to expand its target of reducing carbon emissions from chemical production. The first step will be the Ludwigshafen Project.

Siemens Energy’s CEO, Dr. Christian Bruch stated that BASF, which is a leader in its sector, is also a pioneer in the production of innovative climate-compatible products. “In our role as a reliable and experienced partner for all types of energy systems, our strategic goal is to help meet the growing demand for goods and services, while also contributing to achieving climate protection goals in a more sustainable way.”

BASF SE Chairman of the Board Dr. Martin Brudermüller stated that they aim to use low carbon emission technologies and they are happy to work with a partner such as Siemens Energy on this issue, “We need the necessary conditions and support to use such technologies on a large scale. For this, it is important that we have access to high amounts of renewable electricity at competitive prices.”



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