Post Graduate Courses to Choose After BA LLB

Legal studies have always been an area with high demand due to the opportunities and recognition that comes with it. Nowadays, educational institutions have come up with the idea of offering a comprehensive curriculum that incorporates law with any other discipline of your choice.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law (BA LLB) is a professional course that integrates the study of arts and law and provides a comprehensive understanding of both these areas. It prepares you for careers in both these fields and gives a boost to your career growth.

So, what are the courses that you can opt to pursue after completing your undergraduate studies in BA LLB? Let’s find out.

Master of Arts (MA) in English Literature

The most popular choice after completing undergraduate studies in BA LLB is a master’s in English literature. The duration of this course is two years and it is an advanced study of the subject. An MA in literature is preferred by literature enthusiasts as it gives them wider knowledge of the subjects of literature and philosophy. This course is useful if you wish to pursue a PhD and would like to jump into the teaching field.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

A field of study that offers lucrative career opportunities, a master’s in business administration is preferred by many. The sunny side of an MBA is that you can choose to specialise in any area of your choice and interest. The wide specialisation options range from human resources and marketing to tourism and hospitality. Opting for humanities-related areas might make it easier for students with a BA LLB degree. But, whatever the choice may be the career options in India and abroad are plenty and offers high salaries and career growth.

Master of Social Work (MSW)

MSW is yet another popular choice for students with a humanities background. Also, an educational background in law, literature, and sociology is highly valued among employers and other people. This course has high scope both inside and outside India and pays well. In MSW, you will learn about psychology, social movements, community work, rural studies, etc. and can find jobs as social workers or therapists.

Postgraduate diploma courses

Postgraduate diploma courses last from six to twelve months and are an affordable option for students looking for short time job-oriented courses. You can choose to pursue diploma courses in fashion design, hotel management, digital marketing and many more.

MA in humanities subjects

Besides English literature, you can also opt for any other humanities subjects of your choice to pursue a postgraduate degree. An MA in journalism, mass communication, human resource management, political science, psychology, public relations etc. carries immense scope and will fetch you several career opportunities.

A BA LLB lets you explore different fields of study and gives you the freedom to divert to any field that interests you. The career choices that follow with an undergraduate degree in legal studies and any other postgraduate degree are beyond what one expects.

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