Pogo Pin and Test Probe Manufacturer

As the demand for electronic gadgets and devices continues to rise, it’s important to detect if they’re being charged or not correctly. Pomagtor‘s pogo test pins are used to test the electric current speed of electrical devices.


The test probe is comprised of a metal tube, ready assembled with a spring and contact plunger, supplied as a one-piece item. They are usually gold plated as gold is an excellent electrical conductor and is resistant to corrosion. The electrical cable is generally connected to a receptacle which the test probe inserts into. The use of a receptacle allows the test probe to be removed for cleaning or replacement without having to disconnect the electrical cable (see illustration below).


PCB test fixture designers have many factors to consider when selecting the proper spring probe for their application. In the world of spring probes, choices and trade-offs abound when it comes to selecting tip geometry, spring force, probe base material and plating. Choosing the right combination of options greatly impacts test yields, probe life and cleaning frequency.


Test probe is a test connection electronic component used in electronic testing, mainly used for semiconductor testing, such as chips, etc. Select the correct pogo test pins from Pomagtor.

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