Paine Lien Quan: The most standard way to build

Paine is an assassin-mage general who has affirmed his position in the world of Link Fist Mobile through diverse and unpredictable gameplay. Paine not only caught the ball well but also showed incredible agility. Paine possesses a special set of magical damage abilities and he causes an obsession with the Bloody General. Let’s see with New88 today how to build general Paine Lien Quan’s items.

Skills and development methods of Paine Lien Quan

Paine Lien Quan’s super annoying skill set

Below is the skill set of General Paine Lien Quan:

Soul Removal

Passive Trait: Soul Removal

After each skill use, for the next 4 seconds, Paine’s normal attacks will turn into magic attacks, dealing magic damage. The first normal attack will be turned into a raid attack from behind the enemy, dealing 1.75 times more damage.

Each time he kills or assists, Paine increases his limited internal energy by 10 points, up to a maximum of 200 points.

Soul Calling Body Skill

Paine releases his spirit in the specified direction, dealing magic damage to enemies on the path and is not blocked. When the skill ends, or when pressing stop, Paine’s body will rush to his soul’s location and deal additional magic damage to enemies on the way.

Soul Battle skill

Paine emits a halo of spectral light, dealing magic damage to enemies within range and silencing them for 0.75 seconds. If Paine remains within the ghostly light 2 seconds after using the skill, he will regain 40 energy points.

Skill’s passive: When Paine takes magic damage, he will convert 30% of this damage into health for himself within 5 seconds.

Soul Retrieval Skill

Once collected, Paine gains 50% immunity for 1.5 seconds and dashes to a certain point, dealing magic damage. In addition, enemies on the dash will take 50% magic damage.

Skill development order: Maximize Skill 2 -> Skill 1 -> Final skill increases with level.

The standard rune table should be used for Paine Lien Quan season 28

General Paine’s standard jade table

Red Gems: 10 Magic or Magic Penetration gems.

Purple Gems: 5 Attack Speed ​​or Movement Speed ​​capsules and 5 Magic Vamps.

Emerald: 10 Attack Speed ​​or Magic Penetration capsules.

The combination of this rune table will strengthen Paine with important stats such as magic attack, magic armor penetration, attack speed, running speed and the ability to absorb magic blood. This helps Paine deal more damage and also restore health more effectively during the match.
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Spells that should be used to support Paine Lien Quan

In choosing support spells for Paine Lien Quan, compatibility with each person’s playing style is important. If Paine is used in a jungle role, carrying the natural Punishment buff becomes necessary; Although if he is active on the road, choosing Boc Pha will bring the best results.

The badges should be used for Paine Lien Quan

Recommended badge for Paine

Equipping the right insignia is key to optimizing Paine’s performance in Lien Quan.

Main Insignia:

  • Abyss of Chaos
  • Du Anh
  • Hurry
  • Ma Mantra

Secondary Insignia:

  • Thanh Ki Nguyen
  • Ice Frost Ball
  • Hunter

The combination of this set of badges brings many benefits to Paine Lien Quan. The Magic Spell badge helps Paine increase his damage from the beginning of the match, this combines with the badge points from the Citadel Ky Nguyen set to create a powerful effect. Frost Orb improves Paine’s spins in the early stages of the match, while Hunter’s Badge will be highly effective when Paine engages in skirmishes and takes down enemies.

Instructions for building standard Paine Lien Quan items

Initial Equipment: Start with the Poison Sword and Speed ​​Boots. These equipment items enhance your damage and increase your mobility from the early stages of the game.

Golden Shield: With the ability to provide strength and endurance, the Golden Shield is an important item that helps increase Paine’s strength and survival ability.

Fish Wing Blade: With the ability to increase attack speed and physical damage, Fish Wing Blade becomes an indispensable part to enhance Paine’s damage-dealing ability.

Sacred Sword: With the ability to increase damage and critical strike rate, Sacred Sword is an important item that helps Paine increase his ability to deal damage and quickly defeat opponents.

Resurrection Cloak: This item provides strength and defense to Paine, helping to reduce damage and increase survival in battle.

Witch Hat: With the ability to increase magic damage, the Witch Hat plays an important role in enhancing Paine’s damage dealing ability.

Memory Knife: This item increases Paine’s magic damage and cooldown speed, effectively enhancing his ability to assassinate and destroy enemies.

Below is an overview of how to play Paine Lien Quan in season 28. Hopefully through this article, you will have a clearer view on gearing, choosing runes and badges for Paine for performance. highest in the match.

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