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Optic Manufacturing Mastery: Unveiling the PCP-PXH-001 High-Density Patch Panel

Dive into the future of fiber connectivity with FIBERCAN‘s high density patch panel, the PCP-PXH-001—an epitome of precision in optic manufacturing. Explore the innovative features of this panel, setting new benchmarks for high-density fiber optic solutions.

PCP-PXH-001: A Glimpse into High-Density Excellence

FIBERCAN’s PCP-PXH-001 high-density patch panel is engineered for optimal performance. The standardized 1-inch chassis boasts a remarkable capacity ranging from 12 cores to 144 cores, making it a versatile solution for diverse connectivity needs. The panel seamlessly integrates fiber optic fusion splicing, disk storage, and wiring functionalities, setting a new standard in high-density modular design.

Key Features of PCP-PXH-001: Unraveling Innovation in Fiber Connectivity

This high-density patch panel showcases a high-density modular design, offering multiple optional models tailored to specific requirements. The 12-core integrated splicing unit allows for direct splicing, enhancing efficiency. The panel’s versatility is further emphasized with a splicing module accommodating FC, SC, and ST adapters, suitable for both ordinary pigtails and bundled pigtails.


As we usher in a new era of high-density fiber connectivity, FIBERCAN stands at the forefront of innovation. The PCP-PXH-001 high-density patch panel exemplifies the brand’s commitment to precision engineering and versatility. Trust FIBERCAN to redefine your connectivity experience, where every connection signifies a fusion of innovation and reliability. Elevate your optic manufacturing standards with FIBERCAN—where precision meets the future of fiber connectivity.

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