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Londian: Empowering Energy Management with Smart and Efficient Meter Solutions

Shenzhen Londian Wason Holdings Group Co., Ltd. is a renowned high-tech enterprise that leads the way in global smart grid integrated solutions. With over two decades of experience in the power industry and energy storage field, Londian has established itself as a trusted name in the market. By leveraging an advanced production, research and development, sales, and service system, Londian has successfully covered 25 provincial power grids in China, while also expanding its presence in overseas markets. Boasting a commitment to international standards, Londian’s meter products, including China single phase smart meters and 3 phase electric meters, are designed and manufactured with precision and have obtained certifications from esteemed international laboratories and associations such as CE, UKCA, KEMA, MID, STS, DLMS, G3, and IDIS.

Cutting-Edge Features of Londian’s China Single Phase Smart Meters

Londian’s China single phase smart meters are at the forefront of energy management solutions. These smart meters offer advanced features that enable accurate and real-time monitoring of energy consumption. With their precise measurement capabilities, users can gain valuable insights into their power usage patterns, helping them optimize energy consumption and reduce costs. The smart meters are also equipped with advanced communication interfaces that enable seamless data transmission and integration with smart grid systems. This allows for remote monitoring and control, empowering both utilities and consumers to make informed decisions about their energy usage.

Compliance and Reliability of Londian’s China Single Phase Smart Meters

Londian’s commitment to international standards is evident in the compliance of their China single phase smart meters. These meters have undergone rigorous testing and have obtained certifications from renowned laboratories and associations. The CE, UKCA, KEMA, MID, STS, DLMS, G3, and IDIS certifications validate the accuracy, reliability, and safety of Londian’s smart meter products. Users can have peace of mind knowing that their energy consumption data is being captured accurately, ensuring fair billing and efficient energy management.


Londian, a leading enterprise in smart grid integrated solutions, is revolutionizing energy management with its range of metering solutions. Whether it’s the China single phase smart meters or the 3 phase electric meters, Londian’s commitment to international standards, advanced features, and reliable performance sets them apart. By providing accurate energy consumption data and enabling seamless integration with smart grid systems, Londian empowers utilities and consumers to embrace efficient energy management practices. With Londian’s smart meter solutions, the future of energy monitoring and optimization looks promising.

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