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JINPENG Company’s Impact on Urban Delivery with Cargo Tricycles

Jiangsu JINPENG Group Co., Ltd., the world’s largest electric cargo trike, is making a significant impact on urban delivery systems through its extensive research, development, production, and sales of cargo tricycles.

 A Sustainable Urban Solution

JINPENG Company’s cargo tricycles are redefining urban deliveries with their sustainability. They offer an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and efficient alternative, significantly reducing emissions and traffic congestion while ensuring swift and reliable deliveries.

Built for Durability and Strength

JINPENG selects only the most robust materials like aviation-grade aluminum alloys and steel when constructing their trike frames to maximize strength and withstand heavy daily use. Their frames are engineered to bear substantial cargo loads over years of riding in all conditions while resisting corrosion, cracks, and fatigue. JINPENG’s rigorous design process ensures exceptional lifespans.

Thoughtful, Intuitive Handling

To enable intuitive handling, JINPENG outfits its trikes with features like customized throttle calibration, premium adjustable suspension, and a low center of gravity. This allows for incredible maneuverability when navigating congested urban areas and stability when loaded with cargo. The trikes handle predictably thanks to JINPENG’s human-centric engineering.


In a world increasingly focused on sustainable urban logistics, JINPENG Company’s visionary approach, coupled with innovation and global initiatives, positions them as a driving force in the cargo tricycle industry. With JINPENG at the forefront, the future promises reduced emissions, efficient urban deliveries, and a cleaner environment.

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