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Illuminate the Outdoors with Ledia Lighting’s Dynamic D Series Flood Light

Looking for a powerful solution to light up outdoor spaces? Look no further than Ledia Lighting‘s exceptional outdoor LED floodlight like D Series Flood Light. Tailor-made for wholesale LED flood lights, this wholesale LED flood lights ensure unmatched brightness, efficiency, and versatility to meet the diverse needs of commercial applications.

Superior Illumination, Sleek Design

Ledia Lighting’s D Series Flood Light boasts a super slim design with a thickness of approximately 60mm, perfect for modern aesthetics. This sleek and compact design allows for seamless integration into outdoor environments without compromising on performance.

Versatile Installation Options

To cater to different application cases, Ledia Lighting’s D Series Flood Light offers various installation methods. Whether it’s wall-mounted, pole-mounted, or ground-mounted, these floodlights can be effortlessly installed to suit any outdoor setting. Provide your customers with flexibility and adaptability for their lighting needs.

Exact Beam Angle for Precision Lighting

With the D Series Flood Light, precision is key. Ledia Lighting’s intelligent design includes scale marks at the two sides of the holder, allowing for easy measurement of the exact beam angle. Choose from a wide range of beam angles, including 30°, 60°, 90°, 120°, TYPE2, TYPE3, and TYPE4, to achieve precise and targeted lighting for outdoor spaces of any size or shape.

Enhanced Efficiency and Energy Savings

Designed with energy conservation in mind, Ledia Lighting’s D Series Flood Light excels in light efficiency. Choose from options with high light efficiency of 140LM/M or 170LM/M, ensuring optimal brightness while minimizing energy consumption. Your customers can bask in the brilliance of these floodlights while enjoying significant energy savings.


By partnering with Ledia Lighting, distributors and agents gain access to a superior outdoor LED floodlight offering. The D Series Flood Light combines cutting-edge technology, sleek design, and unmatched performance to fulfill your customers’ lighting needs. Showcasing robust construction, IP66 weather resistance, and a wide operating temperature range, these floodlights ensure durability and reliability in outdoor environments.

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