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Exploring the Night with HIKMICRO Thermal Cameras: A Game-Changer in Outdoor Activities

In the world of outdoor exploration, HIKMICRO is making waves with its cutting-edge thermal imaging technology. With a focus on thermal cameras, particularly the HIKMICRO Explorer series, this article highlights the brand’s commitment to expanding the boundaries of human perception. Let’s delve into the features and benefits of hikmicro thermal cameras and explore how they revolutionize outdoor activities.

HIKMICRO: Pushing Niche Products to the Mass Market

HIKMICRO has a clear vision: to push niche products to the mass market. By leveraging thermal imaging technology as their core, HIKMICRO integrates visible light imaging and ultrasonic technology to provide innovative solutions worldwide. Their products find applications in outdoor, industrial, security, and consumer electronics sectors, serving customers in over 100 countries and regions.

The Explorer Series: A Mini-Day and Night World at Your Fingertips

The HIKMICRO Explorer series offers an unparalleled experience in outdoor exploration. Featuring a 256×192, 12┬Ám infrared thermal imager and a 9.7mm lens, these cameras enable users to find and identify hidden targets in complex environments. Whether it’s observing nature during day or night, bird hunting, or camping, the Explorer series provides exceptional image quality and performance. Its compact design, weighing less than 26 grams, makes it smaller than a watch and extremely portable.

Battery-Free Design and Impressive Detection Distance

The E20 Plus from the EXPLORER series comes with a no-battery design, ensuring ultra-low power consumption (<0.35W) for all-weather use. This feature makes it highly convenient and reliable for extended outdoor activities. Despite its small size, the EXPLORER series offers an impressive detection distance, allowing users to explore vast areas anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re hiking, wildlife spotting, or conducting industrial inspections, HIKMICRO thermal cameras have you covered.


HIKMICRO is revolutionizing outdoor exploration with its state-of-the-art thermal cameras. By combining infrared sensing and night vision HD display, they provide users with an unmatched experience in observing nature, hunting, camping, and more.

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