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Elevate Your Trailer Experience with DNL’s JK60-LB-220Z 60mm Jockey Wheel

DNL introduces the JK60-LB-220Z 60mm jockey wheel, a game-changer in trailer maneuverability. This innovative jockey wheel offers a 350kg load capacity, made from mild steel for longevity, providing increased comfort, adaptability in height, and enhanced safety for seamless usage.

Comfort at the Forefront

Experience enhanced comfort with the JK60-LB-220Z 60mm jockey wheel. Designed for a comfortable user experience, this jockey stand features an ergonomic knob that allows for easy operation without causing fatigue, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable handling process for users of all levels.

Strength in Simplicity

DNL’s innovation shines in the JK60-LB-220Z 60mm jockey wheel through its simple yet robust design. The concise bracket is a standout feature, showcasing the strength and durability of this jockey wheel for horse trailers. This emphasis on simplicity ensures a reliable and efficient performance with every use.

Stability and Safety

The JK60-LB-220Z 60mm jockey wheel prioritizes stability and safety, setting it apart as a top-tier choice for trailer owners. The tri-corn rim design of this jockey wheel enhances stability during operation, making it more secure and reliable for maneuvering trailers even in challenging environments, ensuring peace of mind for users.


In conclusion, the JK60-LB-220Z 60mm jockey wheel offered by DNL revolutionizes the trailer industry with its high-quality construction, ergonomic design, strength in simplicity, and focus on stability and safety. With a 350kg load capacity and made from mild steel for longevity, this jockey wheel provides increased comfort, height adaptability, and enhanced safety features. Elevate your trailer experience and enjoy smooth and reliable maneuvers with DNL’s innovative JK60-LB-220Z 60mm jockey wheel.

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