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Elevate Industrial Performance with YANSEN DDR4 U-DIMM Industrial DRAM Memory Modules


Introducing YANSEN DDR4 U-DIMM industrial dram, a high-speed memory solution engineered to revolutionize industrial computing environments. With its cutting-edge design and robust features, YANSEN DDR4 U-DIMM industrial dram sets a new standard for speed, reliability, and versatility in industrial memory systems.

Advanced industrial dram Technology for High-Speed Performance

YANSEN DDR4 U-DIMM industrial dram utilizes advanced DDR4 SDRAM technology, incorporating 8pcs of 512M x 8, 1024M x 8, 256MX16, 512MX16, 1GX8, 2GX8, and 2GX16 bits DDR4 SDRAM in FBGA packages. This configuration ensures lightning-fast data processing and transfer rates, making it ideal for industrial applications that demand high-speed performance.

Synchronous Design for Precise Industrial Control

With its synchronous design, YANSEN DDR4 U-DIMM industrial dram allows for precise cycle control using the system clock. This synchronous operation ensures optimal timing and synchronization, enabling industrial systems to operate with maximum efficiency and reliability.

Versatile Range of Operation Frequencies and Latencies for Industrial Flexibility

YANSEN DDR4 U-DIMM industrial dram offers a wide range of operation frequencies and programmable latencies, providing flexibility for various industrial memory system applications. Whether it’s industrial automation, robotics, or embedded systems, this memory module adapts to meet the specific performance requirements of any industrial application.

Dual In-Line Memory Module (DIMM) for Easy Industrial Installation

Designed as a Dual In-Line Memory Module (DIMM), YANSEN DDR4 U-DIMM industrial dram is intended for easy installation into 288-pin edge connector sockets. This standardized form factor ensures compatibility with a wide range of industrial systems, making installation quick and hassle-free in industrial environments.

Enhanced Data I/O Transactions for Industrial Efficiency

YANSEN DDR4 U-DIMM industrial dram supports data I/O transactions on both edges of DQS (Data Strobe), optimizing data transfer efficiency in industrial environments. This dual-edge data processing capability ensures rapid data access and retrieval, even in the most demanding industrial computing applications.


In conclusion, YANSEN DDR4 U-DIMM industrial dram memory modules represent the pinnacle of high-speed performance and reliability in industrial memory systems. With their advanced technology, synchronous design, versatile features, and easy installation, these modules are the perfect choice for any industrial application that demands high-performance memory solutions. Experience the power of YANSEN DDR4 U-DIMM industrial dram and unlock the full potential of your industrial system today.

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