Can Stuffed animals go in the dryer

Oh, well, it appears that we have a true warrior on our hands! So you have been asking the same question; can stuffed animals go in the dryer? Do you want to put your beloved plush animals in the dryer? You’ve got some guts, I’ve got to say!

Let’s discuss whether it’s a brilliant idea before you slip them in and press the start button.

Yet, some individuals will advise you against drying your stuffed animals.

They’ll claim that the heat can ruin the fabric or make the filling clump together, giving your stuffed animal a lumpy, crooked appearance. And what about that? They are all on base. Your fluffy pals may not want to hang around in the dryer.

Yet, and this is a significant but (no, you dumb goose, not that kind of butt), there are some circumstances in which the dryer can be your buddy. The dryer may be a godsend if you’re in a rush and need your plush animal to dry quickly.

Always use a low heat setting to prevent your stuffed animal from being too hot, and check on it periodically. After all, you don’t want your stuffed animal to appear like a melted marshmallow!

The kind of plush animal you are working with is another consideration. While some plush animals are more durable and can endure the stresses of the dryer, others are more fragile and require gentle handling.

It is advised to err on the side of caution and let your stuffed animal air dry if you are unsure whether or not it can withstand the heat.

Well, after settling this hot debate. Let’s talk about the step before drying, which is cleaning and here are 10 ways to clean your beloved plushie.

10 Best Methods To Wash Your Stuffed Animal

  1. The Classic Sink Bath

First up is the traditional sink bath. Warm water and a light detergent (ideally one that’s gentle on materials) should be added to your sink. Give your plush animal a thorough scrub by dipping it in. Make careful to clean it thoroughly, then allow it to air dry.

  1. The Washing Machine Method

You can throw your stuffed animal in the washing machine if it is too large to fit in the sink or requires deeper cleaning. To prevent it from being too often flung around:

  1. Please put it in a pillowcase or wash bag.
  2. Avoid fabric softeners and run a gentle cycle with cold water and light detergent.
  3. Just let it air dry after that.
  4. The Dryer Trick

Do you want to hasten the drying process? Put your teddy animal and a few clean towels in the dryer. Towels will aid in moisture absorption and stop the stuffing from clumping. To prevent overheating, use a low heat setting and check on it periodically.

  1. The Handheld Steamer

Take a handheld steamer with you for a simple and quick touch-up. Your stuffed animal will seem newer, and any wrinkles or creases will disappear. Just use a low setting to protect any fragile fabric or details.

  1. The Spot Clean

You don’t need to give your plush animal a full bath if there is only a small stain or spot on it. Cleanse the afflicted area with a moist towel and light soap or detergent. Rinse it well, then allow it to air dry.

  1. The Brush-Off

Simply brushing may do wonders for plush toys with longer hair or fur. Use a brush or comb with soft bristles to remove any debris, dust, or tangles carefully. But be careful not to damage the filling by being too rough.

  1. The Freezer Method

Believe it or not, the freezer can be an excellent tool for cleaning stuffed animals! Place your stuffed animal in a plastic bag and toss it in the freezer for a few hours. The cold temperature will help kill any germs or bacteria lurking on your stuffed animal’s surface. Once you take it out of the freezer, shake it to remove any ice crystals that may have formed, and voila! A clean and germ-free stuffed animal.

  1. The Bubble Bath Method

Who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing bubble bath? Your plush friend most surely will! Warm water, mild detergent, and a few bubbles should be added to your bathtub. Put your stuffed animal in the water gently and give it a few minutes to soak. Any filthy areas should be carefully scrubbed with a soft brush before thoroughly cleaning with cool water. Your stuffed animal will be like new if you let it air dry!

  1. The Vinegar Solution

Vinegar is an excellent cleaner that also has miraculous effects on plush animals. Apply the mixture to the surface of your plush animal using a spray bottle after combining equal volumes of white vinegar and water. Use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the solution into the cloth gently, then thoroughly rinse it off with cool water. Your stuffed animal will be clean and fresh after drying, and the vinegar smell will disappear.

  1. The Sunshine Method

The sunshine approach can help revive a plush animal with a mild musty, unpleasant odour. Just leave your stuffed animal in the sunshine for a few hours, ensuring it’s in a secure location where it won’t become dirty or harmed. The sun’s UV rays will kill bacteria or germs, and odours will also be eliminated. Just be sure to bring it inside again before sunset!

Here Are Some Extra Tips on Keeping Your Plushie Clean 

  •  Rnse ALL the soap from your stuffed animals if you hand wash them. You invite dirt and dust if you leave even a tiny residue. Additionally, it might make your children’s or dogs’ skin itchy or give them the achoos!
  •  Use cold water and light detergent When washing your stuffed animals in the washing machine. Always wash it in a laundry bag or pillowcase. Avoid fabric softener on your plush animals because it might leave an odd residue on the fur.
  • You cannot use the washer or dryer if the significant plush needs to be washed! You may harm the drum’s core and damage the plush’s fur. The larger ones should be dried outside in the sun or close to a fan since they can’t fit in the dryer. It will keep musty odours at bay.
  • It’s recommended to comb a teddy bear’s long fur when it’s damp if it has long hair. You can employ your hands or a spick-and-span comb. It will keep the teddy bear from appearing off-balance.

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