Advertising penalty for the social network that did not open a representative office until 19 January

All eyes are on social network providers such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that have not opened a representative office in Turkey until now. The countdown has begun for them. If they do not open a representative office in Turkey by 19 January, the advertising ban will come into effect this time.

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In other words, they will not be able to receive advertisements in their activities in Turkey. Companies and individuals who are taxpayers in Turkey will be prohibited from advertising on these sites.

Finally, LinkedIn was added to the channels that took the step of opening a representative office in Turkey. Previously, in addition to Vkontakte (VK) from Russia, YouTube, TikTok and Dailymotion had agreed to open a representative office in Turkey.

Companies that do not agree to open a representative office are subject to a gradual penalty. Companies that did not open a representative office until this time were fined 40 million lira each.

If the companies do not fulfill the necessary obligation within 3 months from the date of the advertisement ban decision, the internet traffic bandwidth of the social networking sites can be reduced by 50 percent with the decision of the Criminal Court of Peace. In the next step, the social network provider can apply to the court to reduce the internet traffic bandwidth up to 90 percent.

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