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10 SEO Tips to Improve Your Website

Quick Easy Steps to Improve Your Website’s Visibility

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process used to make your website appear higher in the search engine rankings. The ultimate goal should be to appear in the top ten results for your keywords.

There are two ways to accomplish this goal, one more effective than the other. The first way to appear higher in the ranks is by using what is known as Pay Per Click advertising. All of the major search engines will allow you to place an advertisement in the search results. These advertisements are targeted to the searchers’ keywords. By outbidding your competitors for “clicks” your ad will appear at the top of the search results. This method may become expensive and is not as effective as the natural search result.

Natural or organic search results are much more effective. Searchers have come to trust natural search results over Pay Per Click. Most Internet searchers also understand that sponsored links are advertisements. As a result, they don’t necessarily use advertisements, and in surveys have indicated that they prefer natural results by a five to one margin.

Organic SEO is a Cat and Mouse Game

Optimizing your website for search engines is a constantly moving target. One of the most important aspects of this game is choosing the right keywords to optimize. Keywords are the terms people search for when looking for information on the Internet.

Conducting proper keyword research would mean that the right audience that is likely to purchase your product or service is driven to your website. Organic traffic is an essential part of online businesses, especially e-commerce websites. The importance of Google rankings of a website becomes apparent when you understand that the first page of Google catches more than 70% of the search traffic. Today’s digital customer only bothers to check the websites that rank on top of a search result. Without the guidance of industry experts like WooCommerce SEO services, it might be difficult for your website to rank higher on the Search Engine result pages, which would ultimately mean that customers are not able to find your products online. So, having the expert guidance becomes crucial. And if you plan to do SEO for yourself, it is not always easy.

The formulas that the search engines use to determine search results is constantly changing. The search engines want to keep their formula secret, and we as webmasters want to know the code to improve our ranking. While the codes are constantly changing, there’s also a wealth of knowledge available on the Internet.

Because of this, keyword research is the most important step in optimizing your site. It is important to understand the words and phrases your targeted visitors will use when trying to find your product or service. There are many tools available to do this research on the Internet ranging from free tools to software programs and monthly subscription services. When you are choosing your keywords try to put yourself in the shoes of your customer. What words or phrases would you use if you were interested in finding your product or service? Most likely your target audience will use the same keywords and phrases.

10 Quick Steps to Improve Your Site’s SEO

1. Select the right keywords
2. Use your main keyword in your URL
3. Use your main keyword in your image tags
4. Put your keyword in your title
5. Create useful keyword rich content
6. Develop incoming links using your main keywords is anchor text
7. Analyze your content for your keywords, ideally your keywords should be 3 to 5% of the content
8. Link to internal pages on your site using your keywords
9. Bold, italicize, or underline one or two keywords per page
10. Create a site map

These ten steps are not the only thing you can do to improve your ranking, but they will certainly put you in the right direction. By constantly analyzing and tweaking your website you will improve in the search engine rankings.

Keep in mind that SEO is an ongoing process. Most likely you won’t see improvements overnight, so don’t get discouraged if your site’s traffic doesn’t jump up immediately. As I said SEO is a cat and mouse game, you can’t take the steps once and forget about them. SEO takes patience, if you apply these tips each time you update your website you will see improvement.

Remember content is one of the most important aspects. No matter how often the search engines change their formulas it will always boil down to content. So keep adding to your website width useful keyword rich content. By doing this not only will the search engines keep returning, so will your visitors.

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